10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chiedza Mhende


Chiedza Mhende (also known as Chi Mhende) is a South African actress best known for her role as Wandile on SABC1 soapie drama Generations.

Here are facts things you didn’t know about Chiedza Mhende:

1. Chiedza Mhende was born in Zimbabwe.

2. Chiedza’s full name is Charlene Chiedza Kudzai Mhende.

3. She moved to Cape Town, South Africa in 2012.

4. Chieda’s boyfreind is a Cape Town based actor, Andile Nebulale.

5. She studied at AFDA – the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and live Performance.

6. She was introduced to Cape Town’s theatre scene as Lady Capulet in a 2010 Artscape production of “Romeo and Juliet”.

7. She is the voice of “Siyaya” and Al Jazeera’s global health series “Lifelines”.

8. She worked with theater productions such as the Bonfire Improv Theatre Company and the Zakheni Arts Therapy Foundation.

9. She had a starring role on Cape Town film, “Love the One You Love” as Sandile.

10. She made history by potraying a role of a male while she is a woman on SABC1 Generations as Zola’s son.


  1. Comment: wow i love Wandile n Chi is a star,she fooled us all thinking she was a man.I had sleepless night fantasising abt him n thinking of how good he can be as a boyfriend but i ended up giving up bcos m too old for him

  2. You said she is a south african actress .well she is zimbabwean currently living in south africa.i love her .i thought shevwas a boy at first

  3. Yoh. my younger sister is so crazy about him on generation. you will find her breast feeding her child when coming to the guy ,she just melts away forgetting she is even carrying the baby.

  4. Oh no she didn’t !just the thought of her being a guy is killing me ,I always loved him as” wandile” and could match him with my cousin since he’s younger than me wow!!! She’s good at what she does Damn!

  5. I have nothing to say….She is my celebrity crush everyday…she is perfect,beautiful and handsome…she has it all and I mean ALL!!!

  6. I ve just discovered today that Wandile is a woman… Wow, thumb up to u Wandi, u r ma hero and I really like ur act.

  7. Wow u the perfect perfect actor i’ve ever seen keep up the good work dear so wish to c u face to face.;-) keep consoling your dad (zolA)

    • Wow now i believe u are a gal keep it like that wandi lol unokwana pese good perfomance we wnt more from u thats lovely

  8. I am so disappointed I really thought she’s a boy so basically I am in love with a woman… But I am so proud of you Charlene and also your work I must say you really good keep it up and all the best.

  9. Wow now i believe u are a gal keep it like that wandi lol unokwana pese good perfomance we wnt more from u thats lovely

  10. OMG geez! Gal u make a very beautiful boy of Wandile kwaaaaaaaaaa this is amzing ua actually a push to some gals. Darling mncwaaaa

  11. wow girl you do your magic i have never thought you are not a man until i saw you on the magazine you have made history out of your career keep on,on what you are doing you are sta,you deserve the best out of that character.

  12. Wow I didn’t know your are gal I thought you are man jho, is because I saw you on RealGoboz. Big up to you gal you have a talent.

  13. Please correct article.

    Andile was an actor who played TERRI’s (Chi’s character) boyfriend Sandile in the 2014 SA film Love The One You Love.

    His surname is NebulaNe.

    And he is currently in a relationship with a Joburg performer.

    FACTS needing to be properly researched.


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