10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Jamie Bartlett


Jamie Bartlett is a well known South African awards winning actor best known for his role as the wicked puppet master, David Genaro on Rhythm City.

Here are facts things you didn’t know about Jamie Bartlett:

1. Jamie Bartlett was born on July 9, 1966 in Maidenhead, England.

2. Jamie’s family moved to South Africa when he still young and he attended Western Province Preparatory Junior School.

3. He was married to Camilla Waldman, actress best known for her role as Anne de Villiers on SABC1 soapie Generations.

4. Jamie’s mother is a South African and his father is a British.

5. He was the first person to speak in scene 1 on the popular TV series Isidingo as character Mike O’Riley when it was aired on South African television.

6. Jamie’s movie career started with American movies, American Ninja 2 and subsequently American Ninja 5.

7. He a starring of play, Great Outdoors which premiered at the Grahamstown Arts Festival in July 2000.

8. He starred in the 2010 children’s parable White Lion alongside John Kani and Thabo Malema.

9. Jamie won seven awards to date as Best Actor.

10. Jamie has been playing the character of David Genaro on Rhythm City since 2007.