10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Luyanda Potwana


Luyanda Potwana is a South African actor, television and radio personality best known for hosting the SABC1 youth reality series Nyan’ Nyan. Nyan’Nyan is Xhosa word for The Real Truth.

Here are things that you didn’t know about Luyanda Potwana:

1. Luyanda Potwana was born in October the 10th, 1981.

2. He originally comes from East London, Eastern Cape but currently lives in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

3. Luyanda completed his matric in 2005.

4. He was working as an extra on shows such as Isidingo and Generations.

5. Luyanda is a member of UCKG branch in Spruitview on the East Rand

6. Luyanda before getting his dream job, was washing cars at Park Station in Joburg for seven years.

7. He is a language adviser and dubbing artist for SABC children program, Takalani Sesame.

8. He had a cameo role on SABC1 drama series Tempy Pushas – Season 1 as a Photographer.

9. Luyanda made his debut appearance on Nyan Nyan in February the 12th, 2013.

10. He joined TruFM as the host of the show called Tru Sunday Chill between 3 and 6pm on Sundays in 2015.


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