10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mfundi Vundla


Mfundi Vundla is a South African film and television producer best known as the creator and executive producer of multi-award winning soapie Generations:  The Legacy.

Here are facts you didn’t know about Mfundi Vundla:

1. Mfundi Vundla was born on September 10th, 1946 in Western Native Township near Johannesburg in Gauteng.

2. Mfundi has more than 38 years in marriage with his wife Karen Vundla.

3. He is the father of a well known film writer and directer Charlie Vundla.

4. Mfundi is the sixth child of a family of 11.

5. Mfundi’s mother was a nurse and his father a clerk at the Crown Mines Hospital when they met.

6. He matriculated at Morris Isaacson High School in Soweto.

7. He studied BA in Politics, Philosophy and English in  Fort Hare University and was expelled from the Fort Hare University for underground political activity in 1968.

8. Mfundi’s nickname is Michael-Scott.

9. Mfundi is the co-producer of South African action drama film, How to Steal 2 Million.

10. Mfundi is the founder and chairman of Morula Pictures.