5 Facts You Didn’t Know About King Monada!


King Monada is Molobedu-born singer best known for his hit song titled ‘Ska Bhora Moreki‘ – so take a minute and get to know more about him!

Check out these five things to know about King Monada:

1. King Monada’s real name is Khutso Steven Kgale.

2. He was born and raised at a village called Mokgolobotho just outside Tzaneen in Limpopo.

3. King Monada’s debut album is called, Monna Waka with 13-track which features songs such as Song to My Ex (Rethlalane), Bjala ke Dilo Tšaka and Okile wa Bikiwa.

4. He started as a dancer in 2004 and as a producer and singer in the year 2007.

5. King Monada’s role model is the late Peter Tenet.

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Source: Capricorn Voice


    • Let’s input our thoughts about his music rather than expressing our self on this social media » u know almost everything about him but here our thoughts is related to his music not his personal or his background once u said u knows almost everything about him »can u underline that almost everything »after u will know what is your character} his biography is on public he is a celebrity

  1. Hey here its Matt from phalaborwa mashishimale i love king monada so much n i make sure dat i support him always,ill be with him at Lephalale on 05 November 16 in Mongol club,im born n rised at bolobedu morutji aheeee de president proud of u.

  2. King Munada is taking the Bolobedu music forward. Keep it up homeboy; we are there to afford you the necessary support.

  3. Ska bhora moreki – unga dhini O thengayo. Akere wena awona chelete – angisho wena auna mali. O nokhodelela awona chelete – bekezela aunayo I mali.
    From Sepedi to isizulu.

  4. Ofcouse guys the song eya baba.ska bhora moreki.I used to play it in my polo vivo car on the streets of soshanguve by bluetooth.girls baya hlanya ka yona.

  5. I like the song of king monada ska bora moreki because he is sending the message to the people as follows if you u need some information u will use a money to buy a beers for those who doesn’t have money to buy a beer even u can send a man to his wife actual the message of the song is{ money is power and don’t bother the one who is providing

    • Hon Thabani : the lyrics of Molamo ba nwa ka Maadha : Molamo in our culture is the one who paid Lobola. U became son in law or brother in Law after paid lobola they can you Molamo not a fake Molamo } ke dho le siyaa Molamo » u will leave him there in a tarven and is not good because people they will beat him there as he like to fight after get drunk. He must not call u Molamo before u paid a money for lobola » while you busy drinking a beers with him he must know that u are still going to pay a lobola he must not milk that money for lobola he must limit to drink } a re supporteni king monada wa hesooooo

  6. Honorable { Thabani} : the lyrics of the son of molamo ba nwa ka maadha is {brother in law he is drinking more than over limit and he likes to fight and became aggressive after get drunk so u will regret to call him to accompany you to the tarven or the place where people are enjoying some beers» so the message is we must know the character of our brothers in law to void get hurt or regret if you know your brother in law he like to fight don’t socialize with him if you don’t mind give him a cash he will buy for himself a beer

  7. Molamo e mpolaya kudu, I think you need to promote this one for December. I love you Bro. Keep it up and let fame not spoil your personality.

    Aheeee! King Monada Aheee!

  8. haaa guy lets not only compliment him but lets make sure that his song takes all the awards….i bet i’m gonna vote for him 10 times…how’s that for a winner….#ska bhora moreki…nna ke kgaola ngwaga ka wena

  9. Ahee king Monada wa rock a xem.I’m proud of you home boy…I wish u all the best. Mokgoloboto,Tzaneen,Limpopo….We are proud to have an artist like….aheeeee

  10. i really like this guy’s songs ke magala fela,we wish him all the best and good journey in his music(pls jo keep up with your mother tougue and your massages)i salute you bro.we enjoy December mo Atok Ga-sekhukhune

  11. Yohhhh yah limpopian huhhhh?m speechless, u really ROCKED the whole SA dinkalankata di sa makatxe ,dia ke potxixa gore ke nnete ngwana ko magayeng o kgaotxe ngwaga?re a go lebogixa KING let Our lord Jesus b with u all tym.PLS MAKE IT AGAIN THIS YEAR we will always support ur music MXWAAAAAAAA keep on

  12. nkha thakhaledhe o khaola ngwaga gha gosha ya monadha bolela we e nkhe wonela mora gauteni banyogoro bona ore ghenna molobedhu wathwi gha gosha tja monadha modimo abe le wena king monadha steven kgatle

  13. King monada u rock the world,keep on releasng my man……god bless…..otsena bjang ka morene yaka…….dat song…….eish.poi ur talent is overdose….keep up

  14. Hi everyone im LERATO MOKOENA im from Mpumalanga I loved Monada`s music from day 1. He is my role model i just love almost everything about him, he`s so young and talented he just proved to us as young people that everyone of us is capable of doing anything irrespective of who you are and your current circumstances. Keep it up bro we are so proud of you


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