5+ Questions with Linda Oliphant – Zee World


Linda Oliphant is the Marketing Manager of Zee World.

1. When is Married Again returning to South Africa with season 2?

There is no season 2 of Married Again. We played all the episodes of the show. Because it was such a popular show and it resonated well in the South African market, on 9 December we brought it back again. The show now plays at 13h00 and the last episode will be played 26 February.

2. Which show is the most watched on ZEE World and whats the viewership? Please give us your top 5 most watched shows and include number of viewership.

Below are our Top 5 ranking programs:

1. The Promise – which has over 90 000 viewers watching on any given day

2. Saloni – has 80 000 viewers.

3. Destiny – has over 65 000 viewers

4. Scared Ties – this series launched 15 December has grasped our viewers’ attention. It has over 55 000 viewers

The above series are doing very well and because they deal with real issues our viewers relate to the storyline

3. Is Zee World (or Zee Magic) planning to have its own soapie? If YES, When can we expect that?

Zee World is a channel which is found on DStv channel 166 and channel 25 on Gotv. All its content are dubbed in English for ease of watching for our mainstream viewers. Zee Magic is a customized general entertainment channel, dubbed in French to accommodate the French African audience. It is tailored for all types of viewers, movie fanatics, avid series followers, food lovers, reality show enthusiasts and much more. Zee Magic is available in Francophone Africa and is first of its kind as its dubbed in French. The channel was launched 1 October 2015 with Canal Plus and is available on channel 51 and on the 5 November we launched in the Indian Ocean Islands on Parabole Maurice on channel 144.

4. Where are your telenovela dramas such as Destiny, Married Again, Promise and Laali filmed?

Country etc All our telenovela’s are shot and produced in various places in the beautiful country of India

5. In the future are you going to have a telenovela drama which you have filmed in SA and featured South African actresses and actors?

This is part of the broader strategy but won’t happen any time soon. Right now we are concentrating on growing the Zee World brand and entrenching its offering to our viewers.

6. And lastly, what do you have in-store for your fans in 2016? new telenovela or drama and premiere date please.

We have awesome shows starting in March and April. We have a series called The Vow will which will premier 1 March at 19h00. In April we have 5 new food shows launching. It’s an exciting time at Zee World and we hope that our viewers will enjoy the new programming, especially the food shows which have been carefully selected for their entertainment.