7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Liteboho Molise


Liteboho Molise is a South African Actress best known for his starring role as Teboho on SABC2 soapie drama Muvhango.

Here are facts things you didn’t know about Liteboho Molise:

  1. Liteboho Molise was born in Fokothi near Maseru in Lesotho.

2. She is a graduate of Political Science and Public Administration from National University of Lesotho [Roma] in 2011.

3. She once audition for the role of Carol Chabedi during Muvhango audition in Lesotho in 2011.

4. She landed a role on Muvhango as Teboho in 2012.

5. Liteboho had a cameo role on SABC2 sitcom Skwizas.

6. She had her first born ‘baby girl’ in 2015 with Mpumalanga businessman Thabo Twala.

7. Liteboho currently lives in Johannesburg, Gauteng.




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