7de Laan Auditions 2016: Call for actors to join the cast


SABC2’s Afrikaans soapie drama 7de Laan is holding auditions for 2016 and calling hundreds of young talented actors to enter. The soapie sets to hold auditions at Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and Kimberely.

So, you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of 7de Laan?

7de Laan is on a search for actors from these areas who are between the ages of 25 and 35. If you’ve always wanted to be on the show you can apply to audition by e-mailing the following info to the production

  • Your CV,
  • The languages you speak and how well you speak them,
  • A full length photo,
  • A portrait photo.

You can e-mail these to [email protected]a

Closing date: 13 July 2016.

Source: TVSA


  1. What a wonderful oppurtunity .I have been dreaming for the chance to live my passion and dream to be an actor , i come from a small town called haarlem near george and my name is sylvester jantjies , i believe i have what it takes to protrait any character , i have experience and i can sing, write aswell given the chance i will blow minds thank you for the oppurtunity please reach me at [email protected]

    yours faitfully
    Sylvester Jantjies

  2. This is the great opportunity to be part of 7de laan but I’m not 25 yet and I really want to be part of this opportunity.

  3. hi! i’m above the required age but know i can portray younger characters and any character given to me. please make my dreams a reality of being an actor. i grew up doing drama, music, dance and poetry in my community and recently started a youth group in Springbok.

    hope to here from you soon.

  4. Its my dream to become an actor I’m a young guy that’s eager to live out his dreams and become what I dreamt of becoming my whole life…

  5. Hi …I have been waiting for this kind of opportunity all my life, I have always dreamt of becoming an actress. Please update me via e-mail on any auditions

  6. I hope and pray everday for this kind of opportunity , I always see myself on screen
    using my talent but for free state youth is a hustle to fullfill our dreams ..so thank you
    so much for giving us the opportunity….

    Kinldy send the invite on my email.

  7. I just missed out on a great opportunity to become something I have always dreamed of ( An actress ).
    Can you kindly please update me on when next you will showcase auditions?

    Kind Regards!

  8. Ek wil net ervaring kry groot asb ek is 21 en wil iets maak met my lewe asb help ek droom al van klein tyd af om in 7 de laan te speel ek sal regtig enige iets doen se net waneer en waar en ek is daar.Groot asb ek wil so graag in 7de laan wees en ondervinding kry

  9. Hi my naam is Mara Adams.Ek woon in n klein dorpie met die naam Delportshoop + – 65 Km’s uit Kimberley.Ek het my CV ge email maar het nog geen terugvoering gekry nie.Ek het myself belowe om nooit op te gee ,op my drome en God gewende talente nie.Ekt drama gan studeer by Northlink college in die Kaap maar agv finansiele probleme kon ek nie klaar studeer nie.Ek het terug huistoe gekom en by NGO’s kom ‘volunteer'(Help met toneel speel,sing en dans).Ek wil graag die “Hoop” terug bring na Delportshoop deur om my talente en drome op 7Delaan uit te leef. 🙂

  10. Hi my name is Luchae Appels I am only 15 years old and would love to be an actor one day,especially on my favourite soapie 7de Laan. I can act on being anything and everything, I might sound like I’m praising myself but it’s just that I havery a lot of confidence. I can speak and write in two languages (english and afrikaans). I can and want to act out any character you would like me to be. Please contact me via email and I hope and pray that it is and will be with good news. Please also update me on auditions.

  11. My name is Jessie am from brits am not 25 but am 18 am schooling at oompaul school that’s a spacial school…..Ek praat setwana, Afrikaans en English…..I am a very talented young lady since grade 1 i have been doing poems and public speaking even at my school I really don’t t feel ashame about my school..spacial school doesn’t mean am failing to find my talent……I know what am good at…..thank you

  12. Hi. I would love to see a gay character with a bf. Where they are struggling to make ends meet. The one works, and the other is looking. Everyone on your show always seem to get a job easily and have enough money to go out and be able to pay for debt. Thing about the show is that many people can relate to the characters as it’s very real. some things are outrageously dramatic and that’s the other aspect of the show that draws people in. Love it!


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