7de Laan Teasers – September 2015


7de Laan Teasers – September 2015: Here is what to expect….

Tuesday 1 September 2015
Episode 3603

Will Vivian get away with her sly plans? Louis and Willem forgive each other. Bonita breaks the bad news to Charmaine.

Wednesday 2 September 2015
Episode 3604

Altus feels responsible for Paula and Marthinus’s fight. Anna places her responsibility as a journalist before her friendships. Matrone bribes Oubaas with koeksisters.

Thursday 3 September 2015
Episode 3605

Paula receives bad news from her dad… Ty and Willem become bosom buddies. Xander struggles to move on with his life.

Friday 4 September 2015
Episode 3606

The Meintjies family is under extreme stress. The new physio starts today, and it is love at first sight for Kim. Willem doesn’t realize how dangerous Gita is.

Monday 7 September 2015
Episode 3607

Pulane can’t contain her curiosity. Ty is worried about Gita’s newest plans. Franco enjoys all the attention he’s getting in Hillside.

Tuesday 8 September 2015
Episode 3608

Today is a sad day for all the Hillsiders. Felicity’s future depends on Willem. An unexpected guest arrives in Hillside.

Wednesday 9 September 2015
Episode 3609

Franco disappoints Kim… is he hiding something from her? Vince tells everyone how he feels. Gita plays cat and Mouse with the Croukamps.

Thursday 10 September 2015
Episode 3610

Is Diederik in love again? Paula supports her dad through this difficult situation. Sifiso is worried about his friend’s new interests.

Friday 11 September 2015
Episode 3611

Altus is worried about his future with Paula. Bonita and Vanessa are worried about Xander’s health. Herman’s business partner tests his patience.

Monday 14 September 2015
Episode 3612

Will Xander be able to forgive himself for what he has done? Kim loves all the presents that Franco brings her. Bernard is T&T’s best customer.

Tuesday 15 September 2015
Episode 3613

A stranger is wandering around the Heights. Vanessa pays a visit to Vivian… Will she get the answers that she is looking for?

Wednesday 16 September 2015
Episode 3614

Louis smells a rat; he is on Franco’s tail. Aggie and Pulane are spoiled by their friend. Paula has a very important decision to make.

Thursday 17 September 2015
Episode 3615

Altus gets to work making arrangements. Gita makes a business decision without consulting Herman first. Love makes Diederik blind…

Friday 18 September 2015
Episode 3616

Oubaas is disappointed when Hilda gives him the news about Paula. The Meintjies family put on a brave face. Louis finds a letter from Willem.

Monday 21 September 2015
Episode 3617

Matrone challenges Hilda to a baking contest – she wants to prove who the best baker is. Vince is very worried about his marriage. Bernard warns Diederik against the woman in his life.

Tuesday 22 September 2015
Episode 3618

Oubaas is going to regret it if he chooses the wrong apple-pie today. Will Willem be able to get himself out of this situation? Bonita feels betrayed.

Wednesday 23 September 2015
Episode 3619

Vanessa tries to make piece with Bonita. Everyone in Hillside is excited to celebrate Heritage day. Diederik only has one thing on his mind.

Thursday 24 September 2015
Episode 3620

Will Dewald’s dark past come to haunt him? Kim falls into her old habits. Very bad news awaits the Heigts’ tenants.

Friday 25 September 2015
Episode 3621

Hilda decides to hang up her apron… Matrone is worried about her health. Willem shares his worries with Felicity.

Monday 28 September 2015
Episode 3622

Bonita opens up to Hilda. Louis and Franco don’t see eye to eye. Will Aggie be able to help her friend out of this difficult situation.

Tuesday 29 September 2015
Episode 3623

Sifiso won’t let Kim get away with murder. Oubaas is despondent with Hilda’s stubbornness. Will Dewald make the right decision?

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