ANN7 hits the road again – The Torque Show Season 2


PicsArt_1417870673945With a brand new set of wheels ANN7’s motoring programme – The Torque Show – is ready to hit the road again for its second season. The show will start airing from 24th of April 2015, in its usual timeslot  Friday 15h30 and repeating Saturday & Sunday 18h30 on DStv Channel 405.

The Torque Show is an all-round car show which features a weekly mix of content from industry-related news, car tests, safe driving tips and consumer-related matters that is witty and engaging for any car enthusiast.

The show will hosted by the stunning Suri Smit & motor guru Richard Ndlela. The new season promises to be fun entertaining and fast paced , putting ANN7 viewers  in the driver’s seat once more.

The new series will be produced by SBC Media and the airing series will contain 24 episodes.


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