ANN7 SONA 2015 Coverage


ANN7Africa News Network (ANN7) having established themselves as a forerunner of in-depth analysis and coverage of important political and social events will be doing so again for the delivery of The State of The Nation Address by The President of the Republic of South Africa Mr Jacob Zuma.

The broadcast will be co-ordinated from ANN7’s Midrand Studios and will commence with a build up to the SONA. The build-up will be hosted by acclaimed and seasoned political analysts Ralph Mathekga and Frank Meintjies, with discussions geared around the expectations from SONA.

The following ANN7 reporters will be stationed at SONA; Clement Manyathela, Avumile Qongqo and Kevin Brandt, and there will be a number of live crossings between 16:00 – 19:00, to the channels reporters. These crossings will include coverage of the red carpet and analysis from a range of political and social players.

At 19h00 ANN7 will take the SONA live. Post the SONA there will be reactions and in-depth analysis in studio.