Ashifa Shabba turns 43


Mzansi’s long time comedian and radio personality, Shonisani Muleya, affectionately known as Ashifa Shabba is today celebrating his 43rd birthday.

Limpopo born radio star made it fashionable to have commercial radio stations in rural provinces. It was in 2007 when he was part of the Capricorn FM radio station team, the only commercial radio station in Limpopo, to have it launched successfully.

Since 2007, he spend most of his time waking up and sleeping in Eden of Africa ‘Limpopo’.

He is the founder of two community radio stations in Limpopo, namely; Energy FM and Choice FM .

In the comedy circle, he is known as Motsetserepa. Motsetserepa means a skinny person.

Happy birthday Shabba.