Ashifashabba says eyes are unreliable if the mind is absent


One of South Africa’s funny men, Shonisani Muleya, affectionately known as Ashifashabba, has posted this “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” on Twitter.

But what does this phrase mean? Does it mean it is the mind that does everything? Maybe according to Shabba, eyes’ function is to look and the mind’sfunction is to see. If this is what he suggests, then MyTVNews agrees with him.

One may say Ashifashabba’s post is not new as people often say they didn’t hear the conversation because their minds were somewhere else. We hope communications students/graduates/scholars or even Ashifashabba himself would assist regarding the interpretation of his status.

Ashifashabba co-hosts Ashifa’s breakfast with BK Matewe and Mpho Maumela on Energy FM in Polokwane.