Azania Mosaka to replace Anele Mdoda as new host of ‘Real Talk’


Azania Mosaka, 41, radio DJ and television presenter who was temporarily hosting the show, will take the seat of Anele Mdoda.

As a variety talk show, Real Talk will benefit from Azania’s decade of experience in broadcasting and talk radio. She has a natural curiosity which will stand her in good stead as she facilitates constructive and meaningful conversations which are in service of the viewers and which honour the guests.

Azania’s interview style is relaxed and conversational. She admits that she has done things that make people think ‘are you out of your mind?’, like daring to go from a graveyard slot to drive time.

“Programme Managers have believed in me and I dared to do it and this challenge will be no different. By taking on this unexpected opportunity of hosting Real Talk, I aim to engage in conversations that encourage people to dream, motivating young girls and young women as well as reinvigorating the audience while reminding them of their hopes and aspirations.” enthused Azania Mosaka of her new role.

Audiences can look forward to an hour of engaging television and stimulating conversation on Real Talk, weekdays between 6 and 7pm on SABC3.