BBC gets an exclusive look into Chinese corporate life

bbc_newsCities in China seem to spring up almost overnight, but building a 57 storey skyscraper in just 19 days is super quick even by Chinese standards. Race for the Skies airs on Saturday, 13 June at 11:10 and 23:10 as well as on Sunday, 14 June at 17:10 on BBC World News, channel 400 on DStv.

In a special documentary titled Race for the Skies, viewers will meet the Chinese millionaire who is determined to build higher and faster than anyone else.

With extraordinary access to Zhang Yue, the millionaire in question, this film, made in conjunction with the BBC Chinese service, offers an insight into Chinese corporate life that is both funny and fascinating.

Watch Race for the Skies on Saturday, 13 June at 11:10 and 23:10 and on Sunday, 14 June at 17:10 on BBC World News, channel 400 on DStv.


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