BBC Knowledge – April 2015 highlights


BBCK logoBBC Knowledge (channel 184 on DStv)

– Undercover Boss Series 6

3 April at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

Undercover Boss UK returns with another series, following the executives who are willing to go undercover in their own companies to discover the truth about their staff and the conditions that they work in.

Their aim is to discover what’s not working in the business. But whilst they’re rooting out problems, they’re also looking to find and reward hidden talent among their employees.

In this series, Chief Executive Simon Kossoff goes undercover as his restaurant chain Carluccio’s plans to double in size in five years. He’s keen to expose problems that could jeopardise successful growth. Also featured are the CEO of Oxfam Mark Goldring and the senior director of the world’s largest and oldest youth charity – the YMCA – to see how massive budget cuts have affected facilities, staff and residents.

Each episode of Undercover Boss contains unexpected revelations and emotional scenes as the covert employers discover the truth about their organisations, their staff, and what really goes on behind closed doors.


Countdown to the Rains Series 1 (3 episodes)

From Sunday 5 April at 19:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

At the South Lunagwa National Park in Zambia it’s the last few weeks of the dry season. Only one river is still flowing and tensions are high.

Lions, leopards, hippos, buffalo, crocodiles, vultures and hyenas are crammed in together while grazing animals have no choice but to drink in the dangerous zone along the riverbank, making themselves easy targets.

This series captures the dramatic transition from the last days of the dry season to the arrival of the rains. Starting at the edge of the river, where predators stalk their prey, the series moves inland, where their hungry young demand to be fed, and finally follows the moment when the heavens open and water transforms the landscape, bringing herds of antelope, giraffe, elephants and other herbivores. With 100 remote cameras and film crews dotted around the river bank area and a world class team of scientists analysing the animals’ behaviour, this series gets to the heart of the action.


John Bishop’s Australia Series 1 (3 episodes)

From Sunday 5 April at 17:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

This entertaining travelogue sees comedian John Bishop return to Australia for a new adventure, 22 years after he first cycled along the country’s Gold Coast as part of a yearlong trip.

John always felt that by spending all day on the road during his original visit, he’d missed out on much of the country he rode through. Now, using his 1992 diary as a guidebook, John is back on his bike, reflecting on his own personal journey as he reconnects with his 25 year old self.

This time he’s taking plenty of breaks along the route to sample the delights of Australia, meeting extraordinary people and experiencing some true natural wonders as he discovers how this stunning country has changed.

Louis Theroux: LA Stories 3 episodes

Wednesday 15 April at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

Louis Theroux puts life in Los Angeles under the microscope in these three documentaries.

In City of Dogs, Louis meets the well-meaning middle classes who try to provide a home for LA’s feral and often dangerous dogs.

In Among the Sex Offenders, Louis finds out that California’s sex offenders are tagged and served with draconian restrictions on their lives, even when they have served time for their offences. Also, they cannot live near parks or schools and many are separated from their families. Louis enters the twilight world of hostels and homelessness and questions the purpose and effects of these laws. Is it really right to cut off any chance of redemption or is the public actually well served by this control of these damaged and often dangerous people?

Finally, in Edge of Life, Louis heads to the award winning Cedars Sinai Medical Centre to learn more about the American way of death. A huge amount of money is spent on treatment during the last year of life and Louis follows the stories of three patients as they grapple with their seemingly terminal conditions. Should they accept the inevitable and try to pass away in as dignified a way as possible? Or should they go down fighting, trying every last treatment no matter how unlikely it is to succeed or how bad the side effects may be?

Trust Me I’m a Doctor Series 1 (3 episodes)

From Monday 27 April at 22:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

Michael Mosley and a team of doctors tackle the top questions about our health, revealing everything you ever wanted to know about colds, sleep, stress, headaches, hearts, sun-creams, exercise, vitamins and much more.

Combining their own knowledge and experience with rigorous research gathered by the BBC’s leading science journalists, these medical experts make sense of headlines like ‘does coffee give you cancer?’ and ‘can pollution give you heart disease?’ The doctors experiment on their own bodies and visit the world’s leading research hospitals to find out what the medicine of tomorrow promises. And this team of doctors only give their stamp of approval to advice they can back up with scientific evidence.