BBC Knowledge February 2015 highlights


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February 2015 highlights


Cats Uncovered Series 1 (3 episodes)

Sunday 1 February at 18:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv


Shattering common myths and answering tantalising questions about their secret lives, this is the definitive guide to the domestic cat.


Aloof, disdainful, vicious or friendly, fluffy balls of fur who just want to be loved? One thing is sure – they occupy a very special place in the hearts of many.


Making use of the latest bespoke technology, military-grade GPS trackers, x-rays, cat-cams and specialised photography, this series explores how a cat learns to function as a wild animal in a domestic world; the extraordinary ways in which cats are able to use their senses to interpret their environment; and the remarkable feline skill of inter-species communication and co-operation.



Inside Harley Street Series 1 (3 episodes)

Monday 2 February at 22:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv


This three-part documentary series looks inside the hidden and privileged world of private medicine in Harley Street; the world famous and iconic British institution. Home to the greatest concentration of medical expertise anywhere in the world, with doctors and clinicians representing every medical discipline, Harley Street is an exclusive and expensive one-stop shop for everything from cutting-edge cancer treatment to the booming business of cosmetic surgery.


But while the wealthy form a significant part of its custom, Harley Street is also the place of last resort for desperate people. This series tells the stories from both patients and clinicians’ points of view as it offers unprecedented behind the scenes access to a rarefied and elite institution.


Coast Australia Series 1 (8 episodes)

From Sunday 8 February at 17:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

This series focuses on some of Australia’s incredible sights; including the history, people, archaeology, geography and marine life of the country’s stunning coastline.


Six presenters travel to eight regions of Australia to highlight glorious coastal areas, revealing the often little-known stories of these spectacular places and meeting their local characters. Locations range from the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney, from the country’s Coral Coast to its glorious Gold Coast.


Boarding School: Boys to Men

Wednesday 25 February at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

The fascination with the English boarding school, often regarded as the privileged training ground for future politicians and business leaders, has increased over the years thanks to fictional depictions like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.


This documentary reveals how the traditional boarding school system has shaped a group of men first filmed by the BBC thirty-three years ago in an elite boys school called Radley College.

The men are open, articulate and surprising as they let viewers into their hopes and fears as the boys seen in the archive footage – and then their triumphs and disappointments as the men they are today. One thing they share is the undeniable impact boarding school had on their lives.