BBC Knowledge January 2015 Highlights


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January 2015 highlights

Jungle Atlantis Series 1 (2 Episodes)

From Sunday 4 January at 18:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

In June 2013, an international team of archaeologists announced the discovery of a lost urban landscape, hidden deep inside the Cambodian jungle, close to the magnificent 12th century temple complex of Angkor Wat.

This was once a buzzing metropolis, home to a million people, and the capital of the mighty Khmer Empire. Sophisticated aerial laser scanning technology has already revealed a vast urban sprawl, connected by roads and canals and dotted with mysterious domes thought to conceal temples.


This documentary follows the team as they travel deep into the jungle to uncover more of this forgotten city. Their work will help tell the story of how this remarkable civilisation began and how it flourished. And they will try to solve the enduring mystery of why – after 600 years of power – the Khmers left their great city, abandoning its palaces and temples to the jungle.


Embarrassing Bodies Series 7 (7 Episodes)

From Monday 5 January at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

Embarrassing Bodies takes a startling look at the nation’s most uncomfortable ailments. Desperate for some much needed medical attention are a brand new blushing array of highly embarrassed patients, all suffering from visually shocking and personally mortifying conditions.

In this series, Dr Dawn meets a man whose testicles are in a twist , and Dr Pixie meets a man who was left paralysed from the waist down following a motorbike accident. Meanwhile, Dr Christian educated some boys about how a week of hard partying has had a negative effect on their sperm.


Meet the Young Americans Series 2 (2 Episodes)

From Wednesday 7 January at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

Fearless Stacey Dooley returns to America for a second time to learn more about the challenges faced by today’s young Americans. Heading for Chicago, where more young people are murdered as a result of gang violence than any other city in America, Stacey meets a family of a 19 year old gunned down outside their home. She also goes on patrol with a gang unit struggling to cope with the tide of violence and visits a prison boot camp where she meets a young man desperate to break free of gang culture.


In episode two, Stacey gains an insight into the open adoption system in the US. She meets two young women who have both taken the heartbreaking decision to give up their babies, following them as they choose the prospective adoptive parents and meet them for the first time. But once the girls have given birth, how will they cope with the reality of handing over their newborns?

Sound City Wednesday 7 January at 22:00

BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv


Sound City was the LA recording studio where some of the greatest rock albums of all time were perfected and recorded, from Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush to Nirvana’s Nevermind.


In this documentary, Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) seeks to uncover and define the intangible magic within those wires and walls that was responsible for such an incredible history of contemporary music. Along the way we learn why musicians and producers chose to work in Sound City’s analogue environment over newer, more modern and technologically advanced studios, and how the growth of digital music ultimately changed the industry and Sound City forever.


The film ends as Dave brings together some of Sound City’s greatest names to record a new album on the original Sound City console, culminating in new performances from Rick Springfield, Stevie Nicks, Lee Ving, Josh Homme, Trent Reznor, Krist Novoselic and Sir Paul McCartney.


Police Interceptors Series 6 (10 Episodes)

From Thursday 8 January at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv


In series six, Lincolnshire’s law enforcers are the front line elite in the war against crime – armed with performance patrol cars, cutting edge tech and a highly-trained dog unit.


While the Operational Support Unit have their hands full when a raid reveals a crowbar-wielding suspect with a house full of drugs, the chopper is scrambled to bring down a runaway burglar. Also, the interceptors make a stop on the A1 and find a lump of weed in a very unpleasant hidey hole.


Undercover Boss UK Series 5

Friday 9 January at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv


Undercover Boss UK returns with another series, following the executives who are willing to go undercover in their own companies to discover the truth about their staff and the conditions that they work in.


Their aim is to discover what’s not working in the business. But whilst they’re rooting out problems, they’re also looking to find and reward hidden talent among their employees.


In this series, Chief Executive of DHL Phil Couchman heads back to the frontline to work alongside his staff. Terrified of losing even a single customer to the competition, Phil aims to find out if workers are delivering the top notch service he expects. Other bosses include Ray Pope of Hyundai, the Chief Executive of waste and recycling company Biffa, and the boss of the slot machine company Quicksilver, who dons a dramatic disguise to find out what’s really going on within the company. Each episode of Undercover Boss contains unexpected revelations and emotional scenes as the covert employers discover the truth about their organisations, their staff, and what really goes on behind closed doors.



Auctioneers and Dealers Series 1 (4 Episodes)

From Wednesday 21 January at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

From unclaimed baggage and repossessed goods to treasure and trash from house clearances, this series shows where it all ends up as other people profit from our lost property.

A potentially lucrative profusion of lost and relinquished goods turn up at places like Greasby’s in Tooting and TLH Auctions in Oldham. In this series, meet a variety of auctioneers and dealers, see the natural competition between them, and follow their shifting fortunes. Highlighting the most interesting lots and tricks of the trade, this series shows how canny traders make serious money from the unlikeliest of items.