BBC Lifestyle January 2015 highlights


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January 2015 highlights

Embarrassing Bodies Series 2 (8 episodes)

From Sunday 4th January at 21:15 on BBC Lifestyle channel 174 on DStv

Embarrassing Bodies takes a startling look at the nation’s most uncomfortable ailments. Desperate for some much needed medical attention are a brand new blushing array of highly embarrassed patients, all suffering from visually shocking and personally mortifying conditions.

The Embarrassing Bodies doctors had thought they’d seen it all, but even they are left speechless by some of conditions in this new series. In this series doctors test pelvic floors, tackle erectile dysfunction and examine some unwanted souvenirs holiday makers bring back with them after two weeks of sun, sea and (unprotected) sex.

They meet a woman who claims she has a giant vagina, a man who is literally grinding away his own teeth, and the pay a visit to the city said to have the worst breath in the UK to uncover what’s causing this humiliating stench.


With a host of as yet unseen embarrassing conditions, this series guarantees lots of jaw-dropping and eye-watering moments.


Lorraine Pascale: How To Be A Better Cook Series 1

From Tuesday 13th January at 21:35 on BBC Lifestyle channel 174 on DStv


With plenty of deceptively easy recipes and fantastic tips, Lorraine Pascale shows people with no kitchen confidence how to pull off an impressive meal for friends and family.


In this episode she helps 52-year-old builder Tony Sartori, who has never cooked a meal in his life, to master a delicious Mediterranean-inspired menu which includes a grilled peach and burrata salad, crispy salmon with polenta chips and grilled asparagus, and a dessert with real wow factor.


Later on she helps Sonia Harwood, a mother of three and foster carer, who would love to create homemade family meals but ends up relying on frozen food. Lorraine shows her how easy cooking with fresh ingredients can be, demonstrating recipes including courgette fritters, a quick seafood linguine and an impressive baked ricotta cheesecake.


MasterChef: The Professionals Series 6

From Tuesday 13th January Tuesdays to Thursdays at 20:00 on BBC Lifestyle channel 174 on DStv

Legendary double-Michelin starred chef Michel Roux Jr continues his search for the professional kitchen stars of the future in the latest series of the contest for promising young chefs.


Aided by his trusted sous chef Monica Galetti and MasterChef judge and ingredients expert Gregg Wallace, Michel guides and challenges the under-pressure hopefuls to show culinary inventiveness as well as a mastery of classic dishes and techniques.


They are then thrust into the high-octane kitchens of some of the best restaurants around, learning from the most acclaimed and innovative chefs in Europe as they desperately strive to reach the final and earn the chance to follow their professional dreams.


Hair Series 1

From Sunday 25th January at 17:00 on BBC Lifestyle channel 174 on DStv


Stand by your scissors as eight talented amateur stylists get to grips with a set of hair-raising styling challenges in this exciting new competition.


Whether they’re doing friends’ hair for nights out or devising their own amazing new styles, these entertaining and very different characters each have their own unique vision and are utterly passionate about hair.


But will that be enough to impress the straight-talking expert judges?


Each episode sees the contestants facing three tricky challenges in a race against the clock. As the series progresses, the challenges get increasingly difficult and the amateurs must continually improve their skills and draw on all of their creative flair if they are to make it into the next round.

They all believe they’ve got what it takes to win the contest – who will be head and shoulders above the rest?