BBC Lifestyle March 2015 highlights


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March 2015 highlights

Embarrassing Bodies Series 3 (9 episodes)

From Sunday 1 March at 21:15 on BBC Lifestyle channel 174 on DStv

Embarrassing Bodies takes a startling look at the nation’s most uncomfortable ailments.

Desperate for some much needed medical attention are a brand new blushing array of highly embarrassed patients, all suffering from visually shocking and personally mortifying conditions.

The Embarrassing Bodies doctors had thought they’d seen it all, but even they are left speechless by some of conditions in this new series. In this series the doctors offer advice on flatulence, while Dr Christian meets a man with a bent penis, a woman who wants to have a reconstructed nipple, and a man who has a bad case of piles. Dr Pixie uses her own body to show the dangers of drink on the brain, and helps a woman with such sweaty feet she’s ruining her shoes. With a host of as yet unseen embarrassing conditions, this series guarantees lots of jaw-dropping and eye-watering moments.


Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Series 7

From Monday 9 March at 20:00 on BBC Lifestyle channel 174 on DStv

Gordon Ramsay explores new territory meeting Brits abroad in crisis. In the aftermath of a crippling recession, countless Brits find themselves trapped in a living hell and facing financial ruin.

When Gordon travels to Fuengirola, on the Costa del Sol, he finds Mayfair – a restaurant in a prime location on the busy seafront that should be raking it in, but is almost empty.

Later in Capbreton, a popular coastal town in south west France, Gordon meets Tim and

Debbie who are struggling with their threeyear- old restaurant Le Deck.

Next, Gordon travels to the stunning whitewashed mountain village of Gaucin, half an hour from the Costa del Sol, and a brand new up-market restaurant that’s already heading for disaster.

When Gordon visits a family run restaurant in the Costa Blanca that’s losing 3000 Euros a week he realises that they won’t make it through another summer, unless Gordon can help.


Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year Series 1 (3 episodes)

Sunday 15 March at 17:00 on BBC Lifestyle channel 174 on DStv

George Clarke discovers a wonderful world of designer style, glorious eccentricity and truly amazing spaces to live, work and play in, as he presides over the annual Shed of the Year competition.

Featuring creations as madcap and varied as a 21-ft wide replica of a tea pot, a Gothic grotto decorated with 50,000 seashells and a pub shed, the competition is definitely going to be fierce. But only one shed can take the top spot in the garden, and Clarke and his fellow judges will have their work cut out in deciding the winner.