BBC World News’ Andrew Harding travels to Mogadishu to speak to Al Shabab defectors


BBC_WNewsIt’s been nearly four years since the Somali militant group Al Shabab was forced out of the capital Mogadishu. Since then, parts of the city have started to come back to life, and Somalis who had left the country during the past 20 years of fighting have started to return.

There are new roads, new businesses, and new signs of optimism. But the security situation remains dangerous. Al Shabab retains the ability to carry out attacks on a regular basis, despite losing territory, and some of its members are part of the government’s new amnesty scheme.
The BBC’s Africa correspondent Andrew Harding has been a regular visitor to Mogadishu for 15 years. He’s just been back again for BBC World News to see a city whose future lies in the balance.

In Somalia – Defeating Al Shabab? Harding speaks to Al Shabab defectors and the security officials charged with keeping the country safe, businessmen seizing new opportunities and others just trying to stay afloat, Somalis enjoying new found freedom on the beach, and others scared even to mention the name ‘Al Shabab’.

Somalia – Defeating Al Shabab? airs on Friday, 22 May at 16.30 on BBC World News, channel 400 on DStv. It repeats on Sunday, 24 May at 14:30 and 20:30.