BBC Worldwide channels: weekly highlights, 11 to 17 July


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInside Harley Street Series 1 (3 episodes)?

From Tuesday 14 July at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

This three-part documentary series looks inside the hidden and privileged world of private medicine in Harley Street; the world famous and iconic British institution. ??Home to the greatest concentration of medical expertise anywhere in the world, with doctors and clinicians representing every medical discipline, Harley Street is an exclusive and expensive one-stop shop for everything from cutting-edge cancer treatment to the booming business of cosmetic surgery. ??But while the wealthy form a significant part of its custom, Harley Street is also the place of last resort for desperate people. This series tells the stories from both patients and clinicians’ points of view as it offers unprecedented behind the scenes access to a rarefied and elite institution.

Speed with Guy Martin Series 2 (4 episodes)?

From Thursday 16 July at 21:00 on BBC Knowledge channel 184 on DStv

In series two, motorcycle racer and lorry mechanic Guy Martin undertakes more speed-based challenges in which he explores the boundaries of physics and learns about the science of speed.??In episode one, Guy teams up with solo mountain bike racer Jason Miles to break the record for the greatest distance ridden on a tandem bike in 24 hours. They face problems with cooling, nutrition and hydration as they aim to beat the target of 505 miles set by two American cyclists in 1990. ??In episode two, Guy enters and hopes to win one of America’s oldest races: the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, otherwise known as “The Race to the Clouds”. It’s a gruelling car racing track in Colorado that climbs 1440m in just under 20km with over 156 turns. ??In episode three, Guy attempts to break the world speed record for a hovercraft. However, hovercrafts are notoriously unstable at high speed, and Guy is out of his comfort zone on water! ?Finally, in episode four, Guy attempts to build and race the world’s fastest soapbox racer, creating a unique design with help from expert designers, and training with the Team GB women’s bobsled pair.?

Festivals, Sex & Suspicious Parents Series 1?

From Sunday 12th June at 22:00 on BBC Lifestyle channel 174 on DStv

Two groups of teenagers hit the muddy fields of Kendal Calling Festival in Cumbria rather than the beaches for some booze-fuelled partying away from their parents. There are arguments, vomiting and public urination from the kids, but what they don’t know is that their parents are there with them watching it all. ??Its 19-year-old party girl Lauren’s first festival and her parents are hoping that spying on their daughter will allay their worries about her drinking too much. However, their worst fears are confirmed as they watch in horror as an extremely drunk Lauren stumbles around the festival and behaves in a way that leaves them speechless. ??Amateur boxer Chris is making this festival a big blowout before he starts training and he starts early by getting so drunk he falls out of the car on arrival. His mum hopes she has brought him up with Christian values and respect for women, so what will she make of her son’s attempt at pulling and semi-nudity?