Behind-the-scenes look into one of the world’s largest and most complex airports


discovery_channel_logoEvery day millions of people pass through airports. While you may know what it’s like to be a passenger, there are many behind-the-scenes stories that are not necessarily as familiar. Using cutting edge camerawork and computer imagery, the brand new series, X-Ray Mega Airport on Discovery Channel (DStv 121) brings to life all the fascinating stories of the most engineered environment you will ever step into.

X-Ray Mega Airport will reveal the inner workings of the planes, routines, people and incidents from an entirely new perspective.  From under the surface of a plane’s wings to the fuel tanks within, and through the sides of containers to reveal the cargo inside – and even into the brains and bodies of passengers, the series presents a world like no other.

Using laser scans that capture the airport’s layout in a hundred million data points, X-Ray Mega Airport leaves no stone unturned when it comes to exploring the processes that make daily operations possible. The innovative Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) exposes elements invisible to our naked eye, providing x-ray vision in extraordinary detail.

Don’t miss this exciting new series as each episode explores a number of stories, each focusing on a different group of people who are essential to the smooth operation of the airport. Watch as a rookie pilot prepares for his first solo flight, air-traffic controllers redirect planes as a storm approaches, and baggage handlers track a suspicious piece of luggage.

Catch the premiere of X-Ray Mega Airport on Discovery Channel (DStv 121) on Sunday, 14 June at 22:00