Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble – Matthias and Sibu Evicted!


BIG-brotherJust 14 days into the game as audiences tuned into Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) to see who would follow in Ex and Lebo’s footsteps after their dramatic exit last week.  The elimination of Matthias and Sibu spared real-life couple Bongi and Khali whose survival ensures that they remain in the race for the R 2 million grand prize.

Kicking off tonight’s show host Lungile Radu (looking hotter than ever!) showed audiences just how the nominations last week played out, including how Gino and Tiffini were saved by Head of House pair Blue and K2 who chose to put Bongi and Khali in the hot spot, alongside Matthias and Sibu.

With the four nominated Housemates waiting anxiously to hear their fate, tonight’s show continued and audiences got to catch up with Ex and Lebo, as they chatted about the choice they made last week to take the R100 000 cash offer from Biggie in return for leaving the game, a decision that earned them mixed reactions from their fellow Housemates and series fans.

Then after Kid X performed Passing Special, viewers were treated to a recap of the week that was.

The past week has seen the Housemates turn into Classmates as they have worked at their Back to School task, themed around schoolyard and schoolroom experiences, right down to the uniforms (blue and white), matching backpacks, lunch boxes and juice bottles. Their activities this past week included creating a mosaic of another Housemate pair using candy as well as composing and presenting their own school song. But despite the fact that some Housemates earned themselves detention for flaunting Biggie’s ‘no smoking on the school premises’ rule, they did impress him on Thursday night and after graduation he announced that they had won their 100% wager!

Another highlight of the past week was when Biggie pranked the Housemates on April Fools’ Day, telling them that if they found 2 hidden coins in the garden, and held it on their foreheads, they would win a reward. But when Bexx and Pumba found the coins, and dashed to their storeroom to claim their prize, they discovered that they had been punked by the big guy! The week also included a fun Easter Egg task, a Saturday party with DJ AJ and another exciting Friday Night Game which was won by Matthias and Sibu, though Biggie reserved his right to give them their prize at a later stage.

Plus early last week Biggie announced that the glass booth in the house is actually a Conspiracy Booth where he will, from time to time, allow Housemates to conspire for 5 minutes. Here’s how it works: every Monday the Housemates play for the Head of House title. First they play an elimination game until only 2 pairs remain in the game. Then those 2 pairs must play the Head of House team challenge. To do so, each pair must recruit other Housemates as their team members and then both teams face off. The winning pair become HoH, earning the right to use the Conspiracy Booth as do the rest of their team. The trick – the team members can only use the Conspiracy Booth if the Head of House pair (or at least one of the pair) is present. So, without a doubt, there’s drama ahead…

Back on stage, Lungile took time out to send a shout out to those stars whose support on social media has been noteworthy, including Kuli Roberts, Bonang Matheba, Minnie Dlamini and Canadian Housemate Emmet Blois, who made an appearance in season one of the show.

With the show moving fast, Lungile quickly reminded audiences about the Big Brother VIP service, available at the official website (, for a once off fee of R 100. The service will give its subscribers access to exclusive video footage and much more, including Q&A’s with evicted Housemates.

But who would be the first to be evicted, that was the question…and Lungile didn’t waste any time in getting to the answer from the Deloitte auditor who delivered the night’s results. After chatting to Blue and K2 about why they haven’t used the Conspiracy Booth to which K2 replied that there was no need as yet, and that they were confident they’d win the privilege again, Lungile then revealed that Matthias and Sibu had been evicted and would be leaving the house

After Kid X performed the hit Se7ven featuring Moozlie, Matthias and Sibu made their way onto the Big Brother stage. The twosome, who joined forces during the show’s launch when Sibu picked Matthias to play the game with him, were as eccentrically dressed as one has come to expect.

Clearly disappointed by the turn of events, Matthias said he felt that it was way too soon for him and Sibu to leave the game, a sentiment shared by Sibu. In the inserts summarizing their stay in the House, Matthias’ love triangle with Blue and Chelsea came to the fore.  In Sibu’s insert, his arguments with Blue and Chelsea were also shown.

Lungile also spoke to Matthias about his fight with Khali in the early hours of this (Sunday) morning to which Matthias said that he was getting negative vibes from Khali and given that she was his competition this week, with them both nominated, their argument ignited. He went on to say that it just proved that one could not know what would happen in the house. Shown who nominated them, Sibu expressed his shock that Ntombi was among those who had put them on the chopping block.

During their chat on stage Matthias and Sibu also picked Chelsea and Mbali to take over the prize that they won during the Friday Night Games two days ago, with no idea of the prize was and what they could have possibly won had they not been evicted. But they soon found out.

Biggie called Chelsea and Mbali into the Diary Room and asked them if they’d each like to walk away with R 10 000 each. To get the money, all they had to do was make a deal with Biggie – that all Housemates would live on protein shakes and meal replacement drinks for 4 whole days, during which time all the cupboards and the fridge would be locked, though Biggie would offer housemates special meals that they could buy, though the costs for that would come from Chelsea and Mbali’s monies.

After considering the offer, Chelsea and Mbali took the deal without hesitation and made their way to explain what they had done to the rest of the Housemates…with drama definitely lying ahead.

Just how will the latest developments affect the week ahead, with nominations starting tonight and running until tomorrow? You’ll have to tune in to see. And then remember to vote, vote, vote to keep your favourite pair in the house because one pair will be evicted next Sunday. Stay tuned to Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) to see just who will be leaving.

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