Big Brother Mzansi’s second launch delivers on the drama!

Ace and Ntombi
Ace and Ntombi

During Sunday’s launch of Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble, audiences watching on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) were introduced to five couples – new lovebirds Bongi and Khali, cousins Bexx and Soxx, exes Adams and Tembi, siblings Gino and Tiffini plus long-time couple Ace and Ntombi.

Host Lungile Radu got straight into the action – revealing that Big Brother had ten singles waiting and that unknown to them, they were going to play Biggie’s ‘pairing game’, choosing a partner for the show right there and then on the stage! Talk about pressure…

As audiences came to terms with that news, an insert recapped the past 24 hours in the Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble house, as the ‘authentic pairs’ who had entered on Sunday got to know each other. Among the laughter, singing and bonding, there were also nominations and those proved most interesting. Of course the nominations were fake and was just Biggie pranking the unsuspecting housemates.

While the ‘authentic pairs’ mingled in the house, onstage Lungile was all about the business of the night. After guest commentators Dineo Ranaka and Kuli Roberts had reminded audiences to engage with them on social media, it was time for what Lungsta termed ‘speed dating’.  The process worked as follows:  first an electronic wheel would randomly select which Housemates would get to pick their partners. Whoever the wheel landed on would have to come up on stage and pick their partner from an onscreen display. This would continue until all 10 individuals are paired up.

With a touch of the screen, Lungile set the wheel in motion for the first time and it landed on K2, a 24-year-old aspiring professional rapper, who was confident about his chances to take home the big cash prize after 56 days saying, ‘I really believe I am going to win this competition.’

On stage K2 made two choices of possible partners. After each said something about themselves, K2 had to make his choice as the clock counted down. He chose Blue (25), who describes herself as royalty. ‘I’m a queen, I’m a duchess and I deserve all the best things in life.’ She arrived on stage in a sparkling blue gown complete with tiara and instructed Lungile to call her Royal Blue! After a quick hug and chat, K2 and Blue headed toward the Big Brother house. In the skybox, Dineo noted the duo looked like they were off to a matric dance, while Kuli revealed that Blue has a twin sister.

Then, after a bold performance of Call Out from Fisherman ft Naak Musiq, Tira, Danger & Dream Team, it was time for the wheel to spin for the second time!

This time fortune favoured fashion designer Sibu (31), who was quick to clarify who he was. ‘I’d love to say Sibu is a humble, shy person but that would be a lie.’  Arriving on stage in a kilt, knee high socks, glossy peak hat, military styled jacket and giant earrings, he picked Matthias (29) who told audiences, ‘I’m very straight forward, I tell it like it is, I am very diplomatic and that does give me a bit of an advantage.’  With Matthias and Sibu on stage, Lungile was quick to point out that, ‘by the looks of things, this is a very good pair!’

With time marching on, Lungile spun the wheel for the third time. This time, Lebo (22) was the person in the spotlight and she said, ‘I’m asked about my accent all the time. I grew up in South Africa but for the past 12 years I lived in London.’ On stage, in a gold cocktail dress, Lebo was faced with the same choices as before and she chose tattooed 24-year-old Ex, who described himself as, ‘very young and ambitious’ and noted that his strength was being patient.

Back in the skybox, Kuli and Dineo, alerted viewers to the fact that Matt speaks Sotho, Xhosa and Zulu, but isn’t planning on telling the rest of the housemates !

With six people now paired up, Lungile answered the question that must have been puzzling fans… when was Biggie going to let the new housemates into the house?  Turns out that Biggie’s plan was to keep the newbies in a cocktail area, until all ten were paired up at which time they’d enter the house as a group, no doubt to the shock of the housemates already there.

But there was no time to waste…Lungsta spun the wheel for the fourth time. This time it landed on Kay (24) who was clear about where she stands on the subject of gossip. ‘If you gossip with me, definitely just know I will go straight to that person and tell him/her.’ On stage, Kay quickly made her choice and she chose Pumba (28) who said, ‘I am single at the moment but I’m looking!’ He also revealed that he’s very competitive and loves winning. After Pumba and Kay left the stage, Kuli couldn’t resist saying, ‘I love the office wear’ in response to the twosome’s formal dress sense.

With 8 people matched, and just 2 remaining there was no need to spin the wheel as Durbanite Chelsea (21) and Mbali (25) automatically formed the fifth and final pair. With a seemingly instant connection, both appear well on their way to becoming firm friends.  Commenting on herself, Chelsea noted that, ‘I have lots of energy and lots of personality. You’ll never really see me sad. I like to do things on the go.’ Meanwhile Mbali revealed, ‘I don’t often get angry. I just think everything shall happen in its space and in its time.’

Echoing her words, Biggie decided that it was definitely time for something to happen…and he finally sent the new pairs into the house where they were met with squeals of delight from the ‘authentic pairs’ who moved in a day earlier. Whilst everyone was meeting and greeting, Biggie played his trump card, announcing that the first nomination would start within the hour! What the housemates don’t know is that this is in fact a fake nomination. Yes, the game is on…

Another twist that housemate won’t see coming…all the housemates paired up on stage last night will get one opportunity next week to change their minds about who they are playing the game with. Will they stay together or will they swop their partners for another?

Stay tuned to Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble live 24/7 on DStv channels 197 and 198 with the all-important Sunday shows on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).