Big Brother Mzansi: Stay in the game or head home with R100 00…

Big Brother Mzanzi Double Trouble contestants Lebo and Ex on stage with presenter Lungile after choosing to leave the house,  having been offered R100 000.00 to leave, Sunday 29 March 2015. ( Photo/Cobus Bodenstein. )
Big Brother Mzanzi Double Trouble contestants Lebo and Ex on stage with presenter Lungile after choosing to leave the house, having been offered R100 000.00 to leave, Sunday 29 March 2015. ( Photo/Cobus Bodenstein. )

That was Biggie’s question this Sunday!

Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble launched last Sunday, 22 March and the past seven days have definitely lived up to the shows’ reputation for delivering entertainment and drama by the ton. Tonight, Sunday, 29 March, Biggie took up the challenge and upped the ante as he delivered another stunning surprise that Housemates could not have been expecting!

The show kicked off with host Lungile Radu recapping the past seven days including the highs and lows as the 10 pairs playing the game got acquainted with one another, the game and the pressure of nominations all while keeping their eyes on the R 2 million prize money on offer.  Other highlights over the past week included the budding romances, the arguments, the emotional diary sessions, Ex and Lebo’s Head of House save and replace choices, the ‘sweet treat’ doughnut task and more.

Then with the recap done, Lungile crossed into the Big Brother house to chat to Housemates about the week that was, even joking with Housemates about the possibility of playing a game of truth or dare which had earlier in the week seen the Housemates get up close and personal with one another.

With pleasantries done, Lungile got down to the business of eviction and while audiences have been in on the secret that this past week’s nominations were fake, the Housemates had no idea and were prepared for the worst. As the always-dramatic eviction music played out, Housemates stood to attention waiting to hear their fate. After playing out the process for a few moments, Lungile revealed that Biggie was pranking them after all and that there would be no evictions this week, much to the relief and absolute delight of the Housemates.

As the Housemates celebrated their good luck, Lungile warned fans of a dramatic twist coming up, and that it had something to do with the red telephone in the house. The red telephone has already played a big part in this past week, and audiences were reminded how Lebo and Ex became HoH this past week when Ex picked up a ringing red telephone and was named HoH. But as Lungsta noted, it remains to be seen whether the red telephone would always deliver good news…

But before Big Brother’s latest shocker was unleashed, Lungile took time to revisit some of the great pranks of the past week…Pumba stealing the cigarettes plus K2 and Blue’s undercover pot theft! Lungsta also took a quick look back at the Friday Night games where Blue and K2 won immunity from next week’s nominations. Next up was a recap of Friday Night’s high stakes partner swap opportunity when Ex expressed a desire to change partners, only be rebuffed by the other Housemates. With no choice but for Ex to remain with Lebo, it remained to be seen how strong that partnership would be.

After a short interlude to check out a few of the thousands of posts that Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble has inspired on social media, Biggie advised Lungile that the red telephone would ring in exactly 30 seconds and the show’s cameras cut to the house. As the time counted down, the unaware Housemates continued chatting completely oblivious to the fact that a big game changer was about to be unleashed. Then the ring came and when it did the Housemates dashed toward the phone only to be beaten to the telephone by the fast moving Ex, once again!

Biggie’s instruction to Ex was simple. Take your partner Lebo and leave the house through the Big Brother doors. The duo complied and the rest of the Housemates were left wondering as to what would happen next.

They didn’t have long to wait and neither did audiences…after a performance by Duncan and DJ Ngane, Lebo and Ex made their way onto stage where Lungile showed them a briefcase full of money and made them a dramatic offer…take the money and leave the show. Or leave the money and take their chances in the game. They had to make the choice as a couple. Yes indeed, what a tough choice…and one which promptly got even harder when Lungile revealed the briefcase contained

R 100 000! With ninety seconds to choose, it was decision time. Lebo wanted to leave, Ex wanted to stay…so she tried to convince him, even getting the audience involved, as the clock counted down.  Saying he’d take the money for Lebo, Ex confirmed the choice to take the money to Lungsta and then broke down in tears as Lebo tried to console him. But the deal was done and pretty soon, the twosome was smiling and exited the stage and the show!

After Duncan took to the stage again to get the studio audience moving, Lungile closed out the show reminding fans that nominations would begin straight after the show as individuals first nominate, and continue until tomorrow morning when the pairs nominate. Importantly all nominations will be for pairs. Once nominations are complete, it’s over to the fans to vote. Voting lines open tomorrow (Monday) at 22:30 and close at 06:00 next Sunday morning. Fans should vote for their favourite Housemate to stay in the game, but must be aware that they are also voting for that Housemates partner because the game is played in pairs.

One thing is for sure – one pair will be evicted next Sunday! Stay tuned to Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) to see just who will be leaving!

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