Bill Cosby: The women speak


Crime + Investigation (CI) is set to premiere Bill Cosby: The Women Speak on Sunday, December 13 at 20:10. This provocative hour-long special offers intimate interviews with some of Bill Cosby’s accusers, detailing his perfect storm of fame, power and rapid professional decline following mounting allegations by multiple women. New and past accusers tell their story, to help piece together the downfall one of the most respected entertainers in American history. First-hand accounts from the women themselves help examine the allegations, decade by decade to reveal new information and insight into the case.

As new allegations of sexual and other misconduct are levelled against comedian Bill Cosby, a horrific story is emerging of alleged assaults, drugging, unwanted advances and molestation of young women. Compelling interviews with 12 women, including actress Louisa Moritz, publicist Joan Tarshis and model Beverly Johnson, are seen throughout the special. The documentary also examines what happened when Hannibal Burress’ stand-up went viral and how Cosby’s spokespeople have been responding since the firestorm of allegations began. Finally, the accusers explain why they have come forward now, how this story began and what’s next.