Bold and the Beautiful Teasers September 2015


Bold and the Beautiful Teasers – September 2015: Here is what to expect….

Tuesday, 01 September 2015

Episode 177 (6890)                                   

Oliver woos Aly with a romantic gesture and a subtle reminder of their enchanting medieval evening. Deacon is at the right place at the right time to garner information surrounding Wyatt obtaining the inherited diamond. Word spreads quickly throughout Forrester Creations regarding the incidents that took place in Paris and Monte Carlo.

Wednesday, 02 September 2015

Episode 178 (6891)                                   

Ivy feels immense guilt about her role which led to an unexpected series of events. Feeling that enough time has passed to heel the emotional wounds that he has caused, Bill asks Brooke to marry him. Deacon analyzes and manipulates the evidence presented before him that could help give him the upper hand in a particular situation. Quinn is interrogated regarding her part in how the diamond ended up in Wyatt’s possession.

Thursday, 03 September 2015

Episode 179 (6892)                                   

Quinn has a convincing way to get Deacon to believe her innocence. She attempts to get him to agree to join forces with her to achieve a similar goal. Still reeling from her whirlwind trip to Paris and Monte Carlo, Hope reflects upon the recent events which led up to her current situation. Bill has a heart-to-heart talk with Liam about life, love and family.

Friday, 04 September 2015
Episode 180 (6893)                                   

Still having a difficult time dealing with his heartbreaking impairment, Ridge doesn’t feel ready to share it with Brooke. Deacon internally fights with his desire to lead a more virtuous life, especially when Quinn paints such an appealing picture for him of what his life could be if he abides by her plan.

Monday, 07 September 2015
Episode 181 (6894)                                   

Quinn and Deacon compare notes about their respective assignments and discover an incriminating secret that could assist them in their plan. With his heart in his hand, Bill implores Brooke to forgive him and to focus on a proposed future together. With the assistance of Aly, Ivy attempts to right a wrong that she feels responsible for. Ridge voices his regrets to Katie about getting involved with Brooke’s personal life because of the consequences that he is suffering.

Tuesday, 08 September 2015

Episode 182 (6895)                                   

Bill gives Wyatt strict instructions about any further interaction between him and Wyatt. A celebration is planned to mark a momentous occasion between two families. Armed with useful information, Quinn and Deacon plot the next step in their scheme to keep Bill and Brooke apart. Ridge agrees to attend the party with Katie as long as he is able to keep his secret between the two of them.

Wednesday, 09 September 2015

Episode 183 (6896)                                   

Despite the celebratory theme of the occasion, not everyone is having a good time at Brooke’s party. Ivy applies pressure on Liam to tell Hope the truth about what happened between them in Paris. Rick insists that Maya stop her attempt to pursue him because he is in a happy and committed marriage with Caroline. Deacon does what Ridge cannot.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Episode 184 (6897)                                   

Hope has a difficult time processing the devastating information about Liam being in Paris to meet her at the same time that she took off to marry Wyatt. Ivy and Aly create a diversion with Wyatt in order for Hope and Liam to get some alone time. Ridge explains to a shocked Brooke about the drawing impairment that he has been secretly dealing with.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Episode 185 (6898)                                   

Wyatt grows concerned about the future of his marriage to Hope now that she knows that Liam was in Paris to meet her. Ivy confirms for Hope the story that Liam told her about him saving her life. Quinn and Deacon stand aside with pleasure as they watch their plan take motion. Brooke is appalled by Bill’s flippant attitude regarding the severity of Ridge’s debilitating condition.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Episode 186 (6899)                                   

Knowing that Quinn is gloating that her son got the girl, Wyatt warns his mother to stay away from Liam. Ivy confesses to Aly about her burgeoning feelings towards Liam and her intent to help him get over Hope. Rocked by the news that the situation behind her marrying Wyatt wasn’t what she has thought, Hope makes a decision about her marriage. Hope is presented with a gift that assists her in solidifying her decision.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015
Episode 187 (6900)                                   

Carter leans on Oliver for comfort as he tells of his difficulties moving on from his broken engagement with Maya. Deacon pays a visit to Hope and asks her to put in a good word for him with Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke is reliving fond memories of her time with Bill and considers forgiving him for his past transgressions. Wyatt makes a negative first impression on Bob Barker. In return, Bob Barker leaves a lasting impression on Wyatt.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015
Episode 188 (6901)                                   

Bill makes a heartfelt plea to Brooke that if she forgives him, he will assist Ridge’s recovery in every way possible. Quinn and Deacon put into motion the next step in their plan to keep Bill and Brooke apart. The Forrester Creations crew gathers together for an end of summer party at Bikini. Ivy does her best to help Liam take his mind off of his heartbreak of losing Hope. Maya sets her sights on winning Rick back.

Thursday, 17 September 2015
Episode 189 (6902)                                   

Brooke feels blindsided by Deacon when he shows up at her door expecting an answer to his proposal. Fresh from her trip, Caroline returns to a perturbed Rick who vents to her about his frustrations regarding Ridge’s lack of designs. Deacon trusts that Brooke will soften her attitude towards him after spending a warm morning with him and Hope. Katie feels obligated to defend her fiancé when Rick becomes demanding regarding Ridge’s work.

Friday, 18 September 2015
Episode 190 (6903)                                   

Ridge discovers that his ability to draw has returned, but, not without the assistance of Caroline. With Rick pressuring her about the reason why Ridge has been slacking with his designs, Katie feels compelled to reveal the secret. Ivy confides in Aly her true intentions towards helping Liam get over his heartbreak. Having overheard the conversation with Aly, Hope confronts Ivy about her intent.


Monday, 21 September 2015

Episode 191 (6904)                                   

Ivy hosts an Australian-themed barbeque at the Forrester mansion and invites her closest friends. Liam becomes a bit concerned when he realizes that everyone at the barbeque is coupled up. Quinn pays a visit to Bill and makes a bold confession, hoping that he will become her ally. Hope shares her feelings about the possibility of Liam moving on with Ivy to Wyatt.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015
Episode 192 (6905)                                   

Wyatt is extremely caring and understanding when Hope vents to him her frustrations regarding the possibility of Liam dating Ivy so soon after their breakup. While talking about their similarities and their many respective plots to break up Hope and Liam, Quinn becomes turned on and attempts to seduce Bill. Despite Liam’s concern that he’s still hooked on Hope, Ivy offers to assist him in moving on.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Episode 193 (6906)                                   

Maya is forthcoming with Carter about her plan to win back Rick by doing whatever it takes to end his marriage with Caroline. Rick and Eric question Ridge’s recent behavior and whether or not he is up to designing the upcoming collection. Caroline becomes suspicious as to why Ridge has taken such an interest in wanting to design with her. Maya tells Rick that she still loves him and assures him that Caroline is not the right woman for him.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Episode 194 (6907)                                   

Feeling pressure to deliver the kind of sketches that Ridge is anticipating, Caroline interrogates him about what’s really going on. Determined to get what she wants, Maya shamelessly throws herself at an uninterested Rick. Brooke and Katie make a conscious effort to get their relationship back on track over lunch at Il Giardino. Ridge confesses to Caroline about his inability to draw.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Episode 195 (6908)                                   

Wyatt pays a visit to Bill with a proposition that would greatly benefit him and Hope, but leave Liam in a lurch. Suspicious that Caroline and Ridge have been spending so much time together, Maya comes up with a way to win Rick back. Hope is particularly blunt with Ivy about her feelings regarding Liam’s vulnerability and readiness to date again. When Bill tells of Wyatt’s recent request, Liam becomes irate and refuses to lose out to his brother once again.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Episode 196 (6909)                                   

Charlie receives a call from a friend who lets him know that Quinn made a short trip to Paris at the same time Liam and Ivy did. He and Pam receive additional information that proves Quinn’s other offenses while in France. Bill gives Quinn the benefit of the doubt regarding her reasoning for pushing Ivy into the Seine. Ivy implores Hope to allow Liam some space to move on with his life.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Episode 197 (6910)                                   

Armed with incriminating information against Quinn, Liam seeks out Hope to find out if it will change her mind about remaining married to Wyatt. Quinn gives Wyatt insight into what was going on in her mind during her stint in rehabilitation. Liam confronts Quinn about being in Paris and pushing Ivy into the Seine. Hope confesses to Brooke her concerns about starting a family with Wyatt.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015
Episode 198 (6911)                                   

Ivy spreads word throughout the Forrester Creations’ office about Quinn being the cause of her tumble into the Seine. Hope makes a revealing confession to Brooke about her marriage to Wyatt and their future together. After viewing the irrefutable evidence against her, Quinn fesses up to Wyatt about being in Paris. With the truth about Quinn’s involvement in the debacle in Paris out in the open, Wyatt and Liam race to reach Hope first.


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