The Bold and the Beautiful Teasers January 2015


the boldThe Bold and the Beautiful Teasers January 2015 – Coming up on Bold and the Beautiful (SABC3) this January 2015


Episode 234 (6717) Thursday, 01 January2015


Wyatt makes a last ditch effort to save the relationship he has with Hope and begs her not to abide by Liam’s demands. He presents a convincing argument that makes Hope think twice about agreeing to Liam’s ultimatum. Bill continues to prove to Brooke that he will not give up on their relationship. Liam tells Bill of the plans that he has to marry Hope before the holidays.


Episode 235 (6718) Friday, 02 January2015


Quinn is blindsided when Wyatt tells her that they are no longer employed at Forrester Creations. Hope tells Liam how she is still unsure about her decision to sever all ties with Wyatt. When Quinn turns to Eric about their companies’ partnership, he agrees to discuss the matter with Hope. Desperate to save Quinn Artisan, Wyatt makes a humble plea to Liam to refocus his vendetta away from the company.


Episode 236 (6719) Monday, 05January2015

Liam is hesitant to trust the promises that Wyatt has made in exchange for Quinn Artesian being spared. Hope realizes that being around Wyatt is too much of a temptation for her to stray from her relationship with Liam. Steffy makes a surprise appearance at Forrester Creations to visit Eric. After meeting Steffy, Quinn comes up with a plan that requires an impromptu trip to Paris.


Episode 237 (6720) Tuesday, 06January2015


En route to Paris, Quinn proposes an idea to Steffy that would break up Liam and Hope for good. Bill reluctantly gives Liam his fatherly approval regarding the ultimatum that was given to Hope. Eric questions Hope about the true reason for wanting to sever ties between Forrester Creations and Quinn Artisan. A member of the Forrester family returns to the home that he left over a year ago.


Episode 238 (6721) Wednesday, 07January2015


Ridge and Eric have an emotional reunion at the Forrester Mansion. Eric is surprised when Ridge reveals the reason he has returned. Quinn attempts to convince Steffy to return to Los Angeles, saying that she and Liam still have a chance at love. Wyatt keeps forgetting that he is not Hope’s intended groom. He offers her a piece of jewelry for her wedding to Liam. Hope reminds Wyatt that he and Quinn are no longer a part of Forrester Creations.


Episode 239 (6722) Thursday, 08January2015


When Steffy reveals to Quinn the joyous news she received while on her previous trip to LA, Quinn puts the pressure on Steffy to stop Liam and Hope’s wedding. Eric begins to give Ridge a rundown of what Brooke has been up to since he’s been gone, but is careful not to mention Bill Spencer. Ridge apologizes to his father for not being around when Stephanie died. Brooke and Hope share quality mother and daughter time together before Hope’s wedding. Brooke imagines seeing Ridge when she realizes that it is reality.


Episode 240 (6723) Friday, 09January2015 @ 17:00


Star crossed lovers Brooke and Ridge are reunited with an epic kiss. Hope and Liam talk about their impending wedding and how this time Steffy will not be a part of it. Quinn finally convinces Steffy to return to Los Angeles to stop the wedding. She and Quinn fly home. Ridge apologizes for hurting Brooke and makes an admission of love to her.
Episode 241 (6724) Monday, 12January2015


On her wedding day, Hope thanks Brooke for all she’s done for her. Caroline and Bill help Liam prepare for the wedding. On the jet home with Steffy, Quinn calls Wyatt who has no idea what she’s done for him. Wyatt tells his mother that he is leaving town right after he speaks with Hope. Separately, Wyatt and Steffy arrive at Brooke’s house. Wyatt goes to Hope and Steffy seeks out Liam. Liam is shocked by Steffy’s presence and even more by the news that she delivers to him. Meanwhile, inside Brooke’s house, the group gives Charlie pointers on what topics to avoid in the sermon when he marries Liam and Hope.


Episode 242 (6725) Tuesday, 13January2015


Not realizing that Hope is watching them through the window, Steffy tells Liam about her prognosis and her lingering love for him. They share a kiss. Hope makes a decision that will change the course of her life forever. Wyatt is on the jet waiting for Quinn to arrive for their trip to Hawaii. When Quinn arrives she tells Wyatt not to leave because she has a feeling that he and Hope aren’t over just yet.


Episode 243 (6726) Wednesday, 14January2015 @ 17:00


Upset that Hope called the wedding off, Liam arrives too late at Brooke’s house to speak with his intended bride. He is stunned when he realizes that Brooke does not know where her daughter is and even more shocked when she tells him that she agrees with Hope’s decision. Meanwhile, in Hawaii, Wyatt coaxes Hope into telling him what she saw in the cabin between Steffy and Liam. He is surprised when Hope reveals that she only went to see Liam before the wedding because of the note that he sent her. Quinn taunts Donna with the information of Wyatt and Hope’s trip and that she is now back where she belongs, at Forrester Creations.


Episode 244 (6727) Thursday, 15 January2015


It’s a beautiful and heartfelt Christmas as the Forrester family is reunited. Eric remembers past Christmases with Stephanie as he prepares the Forrester Mansion for his family’s Christmas celebration. He happily observes his children as Ridge, Thorne, Felicia and Kristen all arrive home for the holidays. Ridge, Brooke and their son R.J. share a special moment together. Caroline and Rick are excited to celebrate their first Christmas as husband and wife and are both surprised by the present that they receive from the other. Eric begins a new family tradition to honor Stephanie’s memory.


Episode 245 (6728) Friday, 16 January 2015 Time TBC


Forrester Creations holds a meeting to welcome Ridge back to the Los Angeles office. Bill learns Ridge has returned when Ridge interrupts Bill’s visit to Brooke with a phone call. Ridge and Rick’s rivalry reignites when Ridge walks into Forrester Creations as if he never left. Alone in a Hawaiian paradise, Wyatt makes his move on Hope, with the intention of starting a life together. Liam tells Brooke that Quinn has set him up, again.

Episode 246 (6729) Monday, 19January2015


Ridge becomes curious about Brooke and Bill when he arrives at Brooke’s for a romantic lunch and discovers them together. Over a romantic lunch, Brooke finds the strength to tell Ridge the truth about her affair with Bill. Liam finds Hope and reveals to her Quinn’s plot against them. He attempts to convince her that Steffy’s visit was the final piece of closure for him about their relationship. Wyatt returns just as Liam asks Hope a pivotal question.


Episode 247 (6730) Tuesday, 20January2015


Ridge expresses his disappointment after learning that Brooke has spent the past year in a relationship with Bill Spencer. The Spencer brothers go back and forth on whether Hope should return to Los Angeles with Liam or stay in Hawaii with Wyatt. Despite having the holiday blues, Katie contemplates forgiving Brooke.


Episode 248 (6731) Wednesday, 21 January 2015Time TBC

Katie is taken aback that Ridge knows about Brooke and Bill’s relationship, and by his concern for her wellbeing. Ridge and Katie commiserate over the parts that they played in pushing Bill and Brooke together. Liam makes one final plea for Hope to return to Los Angeles with him and go through with their plans to get married. Bill attempts to make Brooke realize that Ridge is not the man for her.

Episode 249 (6732) Thursday, 22January2015


Carter puts his law books on the shelf for the day when he takes part in a sexy photo shoot with Maya. Knowing that Hope is still hurting by the cancellation of another wedding, Wyatt plans something special with the intentions of cheering her up. Quinn and Donna compete in a power-play over who has more pull at Forrester Creations. Angered at what prevented him and Hope from walking down the aisle, Liam confronts Quinn about her being the cause.


Episode 250 (6733) Friday, 23 January2015


Bill makes it very clear to Brooke that no one, not even Ridge, will stand in the way of him being with the woman that he loves. Wyatt attempts to take Hope’s mind off of her sadness by sharing with her his favorite traditions of Hawaii. Liam and Quinn exchange a war of words as they discuss which man will ultimately have a future with Hope.


Episode 251 (6734) Monday, 26January2015


Ridge steps on a resentful Rick’s toes when he takes control over a Forrester Creations’ staff meeting. Brooke is stunned when she learns that not only does Katie know that Ridge has returned, but he has already gone to see her. Katie makes a final decision about her future in regards to Bill. Wyatt attempts to quell Hope’s concerns when she starts thinking about all that Quinn has done to keep Liam at bay.


Episode 252 (6735) Tuesday, 27January2015


While having a heart-to-heart talk with Caroline, Bill reflects back on all of the recent mistakes that he has made that have put him in his current position. When Ridge questions her feelings for Bill, Brooke assures him that her relationship with her former lover is a thing of the past. Donna attempts to convince Katie that Ridge’s return will change the focus of Brooke’s attention away from Bill.


Episode 253 (6736) Wednesday, 28 January 2015Time TBC

Bill and Liam commiserate about the similarities in the current state of their personal lives. Ridge questions Brooke’s motives about why she wants Katie to reunite with Bill. Katie is caught off guard when Ridge comes to tell her about his plans regarding his personal life and his residency. Bill storms into Brooke’s house hoping to get back into her life and her bed.

Episode 254 (6737) Thursday, 29 January 2015


Ridge offers Katie his support of her anger and resentment towards Bill and Brooke’s betrayal. Eric and Donna reminisce about their marriage and the good times that they shared throughout the years. Brooke turns Bill down and talks him into trying to make things work between him and Katie.

Episode 255 (6738) Friday, 30 January 2015


When Hope confronts her about her misdeeds, Quinn makes an attempt to right her wrongs. Bill resists Brooke’s efforts to show him the life that he could have if only he would reconcile with Katie. Ridge is still having a difficult time wrapping his head around Brooke’s betrayal of her own sister. Hope is put on the spot when Liam asks her about her relationship status with Wyatt.


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