Bold and the Beautiful Teasers July 2016


The Bold and the Beautiful July 2016 Episodes – Upcoming ‘SABC3’s soapie opera ‘Bold and the Beautiful ’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for July 2016.

So, what will happen this July on “Bold and the Beautiful ”?

Friday, 01 July 2016
Episode 134 (7097)                                               

Feeling as though her world is crashing in around her, Ivy receives unexpected support from an unlikely source. Wyatt gets quite the opposite response from Bill than he did with Quinn when he confesses to his father about having an interest in Steffy. Seeing Liam’s upset reaction to the news that she kissed Wyatt, Steffy bluntly asks Liam if he wants to be with her. Quinn pays a visit to Bill to insist that he stop playing favorites amongst his sons, Liam and Wyatt. Ivy overhears a conversation between Steffy and Liam that makes her fear further loss in her life.

Monday, 04 July 2016
Episode 135 (7098)                                               

Wyatt confronts Liam about whether or not he is planning to leave Ivy in order to pursue a future with Steffy. In return, Liam gives a significant reason as to why Wyatt doesn’t have a very good chance with Steffy. Taking the advice given to her by Quinn, Ivy turns to Liam to assist her with a rather substantial favor. Steffy becomes upset with Wyatt when he divulges about how he made his intentions towards her very clear to Liam.

Tuesday, 05 July 2016
Episode 136 (7099)                                               

Knowing how much her longing for Liam has caused her grief for so long, Wyatt offers Steffy a solution to finding happiness with him. Carter becomes suspicious of Quinn’s change of heart and sudden need to assist Ivy with her legal issues. Ridge and Caroline receive an unannounced visit from someone bearing gifts and an apology. Liam is put on the spot by a request from Ivy that could make or break her future endeavors.

Wednesday, 06 July 2016
Episode 137 (7100)                                                

Anticipating a reunion with Liam, Steffy plans a special surprise for him in hopes of reminding him of the loving times they shared together. Suspecting that Quinn knows much more than she’s letting on, Wyatt interrogates his mother about her involvement in Ivy’s proposed solution to her problems. Quinn assures Wyatt that now is the perfect time to pursue a relationship with Steffy. Liam appears to have second thoughts about following through on his chivalrous promise to assist Ivy.

Thursday, 07 July 2016
Episode 138 (7101)

Ready to plan a future with Liam, Steffy is overjoyed when she receives a message from him asking to see her. Ridge attempts to dissuade Steffy from reuniting with Liam due to their tumultuous history together. Knowing that Wyatt has an interest in dating Steffy, Ridge lets him know that she only has eyes for Liam. Steffy presents Liam with her gift, unaware of what he has in store for her in return.

Friday, 08 July 2016
Episode 139 (7102)

Steffy is blindsided by Liam when he informs her about his promise to Ivy to assist her with her legal problems. Knowing how emotionally invested Ivy is in the arraignment with Liam, Quinn plays on the obvious vulnerability to gain her trust. Bill and Wyatt differ on whether or not Liam and Steffy will ultimately end up back together. Wyatt hopes that he will soon get the opportunity to prove all of his naysayers wrong.

Monday, 11 July 2016
Episode 140 (7103)

Steffy firmly and emotionally puts her foot down with Liam, unwilling to repeat the negative aspects of their history together. Quinn uncharacteristically consoles a worried Ivy who fears that details of her arraignment with Liam my fall into the wrong hands. Wyatt is given valuable information that may affect his plan to pursue a relationship with Steffy. Ivy attempts to return Liam’s favor by trying to help him smooth things over with Steffy.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016
Episode 141 (7104)

Seeing that Ivy is visibly shaken from her interaction with Agent McCaffrey, Liam questions her about what happened. Quinn is pleased with her latest act of meddling when she witnesses the closeness between Wyatt and Steffy. Ivy contemplates doing the right thing and telling Liam the truth about their arrangement. Knowing it will cause a conflict within the family, Katie shoots down Bill’s plan to play matchmaker with one of his sons.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016
Episode 142 (7105)

Deacon questions the motive behind Quinn’s sudden desire to assist Ivy and to make her and Liam presents. Steffy makes a declaration to Ridge that she is finally ready to move on in her life without Liam in it. Liam is extremely confused by the cryptic explanation that Ivy gives him in regards to the future of their relationship. Overhearing Steffy’s gripes about dating, Wyatt pronounces himself the perfect candidate for her heart.

Thursday, 14 July 2016
Episode 143 (7106)

The staff at Forrester Creations gather together to welcome Caroline on her first day back in the office since her accident. Rick invites Maya to the Forrester mansion for the first time since her disclosure to ask her to move back in with him. As CEO, Ridge is inundated with inquiries from the press and the public about Maya’s employment status with the company. Maya is taken aback when Ridge pays her a visit with a very generous offer.

Friday, 15 July 2016
Episode 144 (7107)

Ridge is faced with a dilemma about whether or not to set his ego aside in order to do what is right for Forrester Creations. Knowing that Ivy is grappling with telling Liam the truth, Quinn gives her many reasons why she shouldn’t. Liam is noticeably jealous when he witnesses Wyatt flirting with Steffy. Ivy is heartbroken when she overhears Liam professing his feelings for Steffy.

Monday, 18 July 2016
Episode 145 (7108)

Steffy finds herself emotionally conflicted when Liam makes his feelings and his intentions for a future with her very clear. Following the conversation between Liam and Steffy that she overheard, Ivy know exactly what she should do to rectify the situation despite Quinn’s opposition. Having just heard that Caroline hasn’t sketched since her accident, Ridge gives her an incentive to design again. Rick proves to Maya just how much he is still in love with her.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016
Episode 146 (7109)

John surprises his newly married daughter, Ivy, with a visit. When Ivy reveals to him the events that have transpired in the past week, John tells her that he is proud of her for telling the truth. He encourages her never to give up on what she wants. Steffy is surprised when Liam shares with her the news that Ivy divulged to him. They talk about what this information means for their future. Anticipating Zende Forrester’s arrival, Ridge explains his history to Caroline When Zende appears at the Forrester Creations office he tells his uncle that he wants to go into the family business but he doesn’t want to be handed anything on a silver platter. Later, while waiting in the reception area for the intern interviews, Zende meets Nicole who is also applying for an internship and does not disclose that he is a Forrester. Liam and Ivy have a heart-to-heart talk about their marriage.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016
Episode 147 (7110)

Maya and Caroline come face-to-face for the first time since Maya disclosed and have a candid, no-holds barred confrontation about their past transgressions against each other and Rick. Ivy fills in Aly about the status of her American citizenship and her marriage to Liam. When Aly later sees Steffy and Liam together, Aly has an outburst that leaves everyone shocked and confused. Zende shares the story of his parents and adoption with Nicole who is genuinely touched.

Thursday, 21 July 2016
Episode 148 (7111)

Wyatt gives Ivy hope when he makes a bold confession about a recent stolen kiss.

Friday, 22 July 2016
Episode 149 (7112)

Aly tells Steffy that apologies won’t fix the problems of the past and blames her for Ivy and Liam’s romantic troubles. Steffy attempts to help Aly, who is clearly upset. Ivy and Liam make a decision that will impact their future. They discuss how their life has changed and Ivy remains confident that Liam will want to spend his life with her and not with Steffy. During a Forrester Creations meeting, Ridge and Steffy introduce their new idea of a campaign which causes Aly to have another outburst.

Monday, 25 July 2016
Episode 150 (7113)

A Fourth of July photo shoot takes place at the Forrester Mansion and everyone has a wonderful time. Pam and Charlie arrive dressed as George and Martha Washington. Eric recites a speech about the meaning of the holiday and about how freedom must be cherished and how that will relate to the new Freedom Line at Forrester Creations. Both Nicole and Maya speak about what freedom means to them. Maya and Nicole’s mother, Vivienne, unexpectedly arrives and reveals that their father sent her to get Nicole.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016
Episode 151 (7114)

Vivienne continues her attempt to bring Nicole home and out of Maya’s influence. Maya and Nicole stand firm that Nicole is doing well in L.A. Liam is forced to stop Aly’s tirade against Steffy. Steffy surprises Liam and shares with him her vision for their future.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016
Episode 152 (7115)

Ivy realises that her relationship with Liam may never be the same when she witnesses a tender moment between he and Steffy. Later, they agree to spend a relaxing night together. Resentful that Steffy and Maya are the face of the new line and company, Aly has a meltdown in a Forrester Creations staff meeting. Once home, Aly becomes remorseful as she looks at a collection of The Hope for the Future memorabilia and remembers the pride and happiness that she used to feel while working with her family. Steffy and Ridge share a father daughter moment and Steffy tells Ridge she is optimistic about a future with Liam. Rick comforts Maya who is sad that Aly is so angry and confused.

Thursday, 28 July 2016
Episode 153 (7116)

Katie gives Ivy advice on love and dating. Maya has a heart-to-heart talk with Nick about her mother being in town and her past relationship with her parents. Wyatt runs into Nicole and apologizes to her again. Zende overhears part of their conversation and isn’t sure what to think about their relationship. After having a conversation with her dead mother, Darla, Aly surprises Steffy and Liam by telling them she is ready to change her attitude and is there to help them.

Friday, 29 July 2016
Episode 154 (7117)

Vivienne meets up with her husband Julian at a coffee shop where he makes it clear that he wants Nicole home immediately. Nicole receives a call from her mother asking to meet her. She arrives and is shocked to see her father three. He tells her that she will be leaving LA with them. Wyatt calls Liam out on treating Ivy poorly. Steffy tells Liam her vision of their future together.

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