Bombshells, paybacks and more surprises on Empire this week


empire_keyart_tuneinEpisode 11 (06/05)


As Lucious searches for a new song to premiere at Empire’s tribute concert, his nurse observes some peculiar symptoms.

While Cookie and Malcolm spend a weekend away, Hakeem stuns the press when he freestyle raps his true feelings about Lucious. Billy Berretti attempts to sabotage the tribute show and risks paralysing Lucious’ plans. When Lucious learns of Cookie’s recent secrecy, he takes action against her, and then unexpectedly asks Jamal for help.

Lucious is finally able to have a breakthrough with the help of Jamal, who in turn surprises him with an aggressive move against Billy Beretti.

Anika takes her own shocking action against Lucious, while Andre burns at his father’s manipulative ovations toward Michelle. After Lucious receives some astounding personal news, Cookie decides to take Empire’s matters into her own hands — with potentially lethal consequences.

Tune in to  Empire on FOX on Wednesday 6 May at 21:00 on Dstv channel 125 and StarSat channel 131 to see the direction the show is about to take!

Celeb cameo:

Rapper Snoop Dogg takes his turn at a celeb cameo, performing his newest song Peaches ‘n Cream off his latest album.