Bongi and Khali evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble house


bbm_20150426_day35_bongi_khali_on_stageOn Sunday, 26 April, viewers tuned into the live Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble show, which airs at 20:00 on Sundays on Mzansi Magic, DStv channel 161, only to see Cape Town couple Bongi and Khali evicted from the show, after spending 35 days in the game, which included them both celebrating their birthdays in Biggie’s house.

The show began with series presenter Lungile Radu reminding audiences that a whopping five pairs were up for eviction.

It all started the previous Sunday when Biggie surprised the housemates and made them nominate right there and then during the live show, a big twist that none of the Housemates had seen coming. Once nominations were done, all eyes turned to the Monday Head of House game to see just who would get the chance to scoop the title and its nomination changing power.

On Monday, however, things got more dramatic when Soxx and Tembi were awarded Head of House after Blue and K2’s win was disallowed by Big Brother himself due to discrepancies in the way they had played the HoH game. As the new Heads of House, Soxx and Tembi got their chance to save and replace a nominated pair. They chose to save Chelsea and Mbali and put Bongi and Khali up instead. But Blue and K2 quickly chose to play the power of nomination that they had won earlier in the game and put Chelsea and Mbali back up for nomination. At the end of the day, five pairs were nominated – Chelsea and Mbali; Bongi and Khali; Blue and K2; Kay and Pumba; Ace and Ntombi.

After the recap of exactly how the nominations ended up as they were, the question was: just who would be going home next? But there was still time for that question to be answered.

In the meantime, Radu had his own challenge for audiences – he tweeted a selfie using the official BB Twitter account and tasked audiences to retweet it 500 times before the show ended, a challenge that the social media savvy fans of the show took up immediately as Mobi Dixon, featuring MQue, hit the BB stage with his song City Rains.

Music was also part of the past week as Housemates took on the Positive Power Charge Task that included the fun Power Dance challenge, which saw Housemates drop everything and get moving whenever Biggie played music into the house. Other highlights in the Positive Power Charge task: Housemates used the power of human connection to move a cargo from one side of the garden to the other, using tyres and planks. They also built a Power Pipeline which would allow a liquid to flow from one point to another and they tackled the Power of Money activity with gusto, ripping into pillows to find hidden gold coins, with Ace and Ntombi ultimately finding the most treasure.

In addition, as part of their task, Housemates made their own drums from the supplies provided. Using their drums they then composed and presented a song with the title The Power of Unity in Africa. Biggie was definitely impressed with all their efforts over the week and he announced that the Housemates had won 100% of their wager.

And if the past week wasn’t busy enough, on Friday the Housemates also participated in the Double or Nothing singing competition and they had four celeb judges on hand to judge their fate – BB Mzansi Secrets star Kat, presenter and dancer Shelton, actress and comedienne Denise; as well as entertainer Bujy. But after all the songs were presented it was Chelsea and Mbali who took top honours winning a spa treat and inviting a thrilled Pumba and Kay along for the pamper session.

Of course Fridays wouldn’t be Fridays without the Friday Night Games. Biggie tested Housemates knowledge of South Africa’s geography. After quite a lot of attempts and some interesting answers, it was Chelsea and Mbali who won the Friday Night Games and once again, Biggie asked them to wait for their prize. Wonder what that could be?

Back on stage on Sunday night, having given audiences a clear look back at what had happened in the house this week, Radu gave viewers a quick sneak peek at the week ahead.

It appears Big Brother has a nonsense week in store for the housemates were everything will be fake: fake nominations, fake Head of House, fake everything it seems. And making it all more interesting is the fact that fans can help Biggie this week by simply using social media – to send in diary session questions, to change the outcome of the task presentation and to decide who to reward treats to. Plus with the next week dedicated to the nonsense task, voting for evictions will only open on Friday evening after the Friday Night Games. That’s right, voting this week will only run from Friday, 1 May at 22:00 to Sunday, 3 May at 06:00.

With that news out of the way, it was finally time to discover who would be leaving and after receiving the results from the series auditors Deloitte, Radu headed into the house to deliver the bad news – that Bongi and Khali had received the fewest viewer votes this week and would be leaving. As the couple said their goodbyes and left the house, songstress Mpumi kept audiences entertained with her hit single Somandla.

Having said their farewells, Bongi and Khali made it to the BB stage in good spirits where they chatted to Radu about their five weeks in the game. Referencing the fact that the duo had come into the house at just three months into their relationship, Radu asked them if they felt Big Brother had improved their relationship. Bongi’s reply was clear: “I think it definitely did. We came out of there knowing more about each other than when we went in. We are still very much in love.” Watching clips of their time in the house, a tearful Khali revealed that it was her who really wanted to come to Big Brother. She went on to say, “He [Bongi] literally came here for me. He genuinely stayed the whole time, it was exclusively for me.” Wrapping up their interviews, they both told Radu that they felt that their time on the show was worth it and they had no regrets.

With evictions done, there were a few minutes remaining in the show and Biggie used the time very well indeed. He called Friday Night Game winners Chelsea and Mbali into the Diary Room, and he delivered their prize: they had won R 30 000. But as always there was a catch.

A mini version of their cheque would sit in a glass box in the garden with an axe hanging over it and a timer sitting in front of the box. Every 60 minutes the timer would ring an alarm. The twosome would have to reset the timer before that happened. They would have to do this over the next 48 hours to win the full amount of money. However, anytime that they didn’t reset the timer quick enough, the axe would slice off R5000 and another Housemate could get that money if their name came up when a wheel of fortune was randomly spun. Also, no other Housemate could help the two in their task. Clearly nervous about their win, Chelsea and Mbali will have to stay vigilant. Will they keep the money or will some other Housemates benefit?

And rounding off the evening, Radu’s request to audiences at home to retweet his tweet resulted in well over 500 retweets. As a reward for receiving over 500 retweets, Radu shared an exclusive diary session he had with Biggie. In the session, Biggie revealed that all Housemates would be up for nomination this week and the Friday Night Game would be played for one pair to win immunity. There will be no save and replace either.