Born in the Wild


Lifetime DStvThis brand new unscripted series takes childbirth one step beyond homebirth and into the arms of Mother Nature.

In each one-hour episode, we meet an American couple who has made the powerful choice to experience childbirth in the great outdoors. Lifetime discovers the unique challenges the family faces in taking on an unassisted labour in the remote wilderness. Exclusive UK Premiere Series

With over 98% of US childbirths taking place in sterile hospital rooms, this group of mothers and fathers are shunning hospitals, surgical interventions and drugs to give birth as their ancestors did, bringing new life into the world in isolated locations, while often braving dangerous conditions.

In the dramatic second episode, 24-year-old Audrey and 28-year-old Peter plan an outdoor birth in the heart of Alaska, close to home but 150-miles from the nearest hospital. After moving from San Diego, Deputy Sherriff Peter and wife Audrey moved to Alaska to raise their kids in a safe and natural environment. After having a fearful first-time delivery experience with their son, Peter and Audrey, a fully-trained Midwife, prepare to go it alone in the middle of the wilderness. Surrounded by lakes and trees, the unique but remote birth setting presents countless obstacles.

After battling against the harsh weather, a plague of mosquitoes and fears that the baby has stopped moving, can they persevere and see through their vision of an unassisted childbirth outside in nature?

Produced by Matador, Born in the Wild is executive produced by Jay Peterson, Todd Lubin, Yoshi Stone, alongside Eli Lehrer, Mary Donahue and Mariana Flynn from Lifetime.

Episode 2 of Born in the Wild premieres on Lifetime on Sunday 21 June at 9pm.