Buddy Valastro’s Cake Boss return to TLC

Buddy Valastro

Johannesburg – Everyone’s favourite baker, Buddy Valastro is back whipping up amazing cake creations. Over the years, Buddy’s team has successfully made Carlo’s Bakery a household name so it’s no wonder that CAKE BOSS is returning to TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) for its seventh season.

When you’re working with family on a daily basis, there is bound to be a lot of drama, but at the end of the day, the Valastro’s are all about love. Speaking about the new season of CAKE BOSS, Buddy said, “If you know me, you know family is my number one priority so it’s nice to come back home. Now, it’s time to heat up the ovens, roll the cameras and bring our fans some great storytelling and amazing food.”

Buddy has made it his mission to diversify the business’ success while staying true to the heritage of Carlo’s Bakery, a move that would have made his father proud. “I am hanging on to traditions because I want to, not because I have to,” added Valastro.

Creating beautiful and unique cakes is what the cake boss is known and loved for. A day at Carlo’s Bakery can include being asked to honour Hoboken’s most famous resident, Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday, a meat cake for a butcher and a naked cake that has Buddy questioning the controversial trend. With the bakery being so diverse Buddy and his team are tasked with creating some of the wildest cakes imaginable, which lead them to come up with a mix of enticing ingredients to make spectacular cakes.

In this season of CAKE BOSS, Buddy goes back to the basics of what he loves most – cake and family. After 50 years and millions of customers, the Valastro family reminisce over the memories in the shop as they renovate. Meanwhile, the orders still come in and the baking must go on. There will be more drama, humour and new challenges, proving that even after 50 years there’s is never dull moment at Carlo’s Bakery.

Don’t miss the return of CAKE BOSS on premiering on Monday, 21 September at 20:00.