Call for auditions 2016 for Limpopo TV


Is your dream to be on TV? Limpopo TV  is holding auditions and calling hundreds of people who want to be part of the channel from on screen talent to crew to attend the auditions.

Limpopo TV launches set to hit our small screens from February 14th on Dstv channel 262 and they’re on a search for talent to bring their shows to life. They’re looking for presenters, news readers, camera operators, field reporters and editors.

The auditions and job interviews to be held this Saturday (February 6, 2016) from 08h00 to 16h00 at Bolivia Lodge, Plot 162, Tweefontein, Polokwane.

To register for the auditions, just SMS LIMPOPO TV to 33110.

FYI: The channel’s going to be aired on Tshwane TV so both channels will be on one. Limpopo TV will air from 06h00 to 09h30 and from 18h00 to 21h00 daily.




  2. I’m so very pationate about acting and presenting and i’m and extras actor in one of the biggest Mzansi soapie,I like to take a role in Limpopo TV please if you have something don’t hesitate to email me.

  3. I would love to take part in Limpopo tv news in news department. I’m currently working as english field report for jozifm community radio in Soweto. But I’m also fluent in Xitsonga as I’m originally from Giyani

  4. I would love to be part of limpopo tv news in news department should any chance arise. I’m currently working as a english field reporter for jozifm community radio station in Soweto but I’m also good in xitsonga language since its my mother’s tongue

  5. Hi I’m a very passionate person ..nd I :hv always been dreaming to be on t.v..acting has always been my first priority …so I wish I CN now share and explore my,talent with ur t.v. station ..if there is any auditions for acting pls let me know…….

  6. Hi, im very glad about about Limpopo tv. I would really love to work fot you guys, if space for my side my talents please email me. My talents are into camera operating, 3d animations and editing. currently I do music video shoots, University party coverage, film editing and script writing. I see this as a big opportunity for me that I would take in a heartbeat.

  7. im up for it i only wish i could get a chance to showcase what i could do.since at my home village we are’nt exposed to such a wanna be singer and presenter

  8. Hello out there..i am a young vibrant talented girl who is 19 yers old…i am very passionate on becoming an actress as well as TV presenter unfortunatley i never get that chance to show the whole world how talented i am..actualy for me is not about me..infact is all about a fame..from the mesmerizin venda side of my heart i would like to ask this:….when will be the next audition i realy want to be part of it is my number 0728209328

  9. Aint no need..Look no further, Im right here in your presence.Im always up for challenges.. i take anything thrown at me and turn it into magic. Im 22 just completed my ARM course (archives and record management ) at unisa and im to continue with my degree in media which i have started at Boston Media House 2013… I love media , I am media and as for recruiting and keeping people glued to where i am it comes naturally.. I promise if i get the chance to be on your screen the rest of ur fears will be water under the bridge…Im a natural and brings out any the extravagant ..Im a delicate species to be nurtured…Im the most devine and the only me I am that has ever been and non before…Creative , smart , intelligent and unique and black beauty… Im a radically different species with lots of talents.

  10. Hello out there..i am a young vibrant talented guy who is turning 22 yers old this year…i am very passionate on becoming an actor unfortunatley i never get that chance to show the whole world how talented i am..actualy for me is not about me..infact is all about a fame..from the mesmerizin venda side of my heart.i realy want to be part of media family is my number for any auditions 0791417114

  11. Out there talking through experience …there is no such thing that is going to happen for all those girls who leave their comment who wanted to be part of maxwell film.. Unless they agree to sleep with him because inorder to be part of his film u have to sleep with him first so that u can get a part.. He said to me i got dat kind of body that he is looking for and am beautiful which means i can take elizabeth role..just coz myself i didnt do wht he ask me too am out of the picture nonetheless he said he find someone who can play a role ..whats that ,….# maxwell he is only capable of distroying young girls the hell you are i dont need a part in ur film i will enter another audtitions which is for real..not barmy and foolish ones like urs……###………people out there how do u call that?………..

  12. I am Makoma Rabothata a 19year old girl from Tzaneen @ kgapane but currently studying @ Phalaborwa. I am tall,shapely, funny,with an innocent face,normal in completion,good hearted,a smooth talker and multi talented as well,I can act and sing,in dancing I’m not a pro in dancing but I can learn exactly what someone’s showing me. I am open minded and a fast learner,I don’t have any disabilities. I am a pedi,but I can try other languages like Tswana language,Zulu and I’m looking forward to learn more languages. My dream has always been to be on TV, acting of course. Actually I just love entertaining people. My contact details, 0761704045 always available. I’m sure SA would like to have someone like me on their TV screens. Thank you.

  13. Here you’ve got a well looking presenter who knows exactly what you need. I’m Manganye Dzunisani Nkateko,Located in Giyani

  14. My number is 072046464 Mr. David tzaneen Lenyenye. We are looking for woman age between 16 -35 meeting on the 15 June 2016 lenyenye industrial street old poultry building next motuary. From 9 till 03H00

    • Good Day David,please pardon me for seeing this post now.I’m a girl who is aged 21 who likes being front of the camera,I’m currently a student at Uj studying logistics,who is about to persue Acting and Drama course.I know I am a fast leaner,beautiful,bubbly ,I can work under pressure and I have experience in this field.I would like to work with you

      Please contact me on the following numbers 0825115529

  15. hi m Faith from Turf,m very talented ,friendly and offcz so wish is to be an actress someday so will b pleased if i can gt a chance. thank you,my number 0763585260

  16. I’m thabisile , and 14 years old.
    My dream is to be an actress. I am talented. I will be very happy if u can give me a chance
    My numbers are:0636295283

  17. Im a 29 yr old lady who really love to be a presenter or news reader,this has been my dream since I was younger and done some radio dramas because I knew through it I might be on tv

  18. Hello
    I’m 29 lady who is currently continuing with my studies (Marketing Management).i am very passionate on becoming an actress as well as photographer since well i have an experience. i am looking forward to here from you. Thank you.


  19. Greetings
    I am Tebogo Kate Morewane, 16 years old learner from turfloop.
    I’ve always wished to be an actress
    I am fun,shy,caring and loving of cours i am passinate in what am doing
    The next coming 2 years am looking forward to do film making

    here are my digits 0798173784

  20. hi I’m Masindi I am 15 years old and all my life I have dreamt of acting I am very passionate about acting. I am a young who looks towards making a difference in the acting industry

  21. Hi I’m a very passionate person and I have always been dreaming to be a professional screenplay writer,it has always been my first priority …so I wish I Can now share and explore.if there is any auditions for writing please let me know,i have been writing stories that has a beautiful life and massages,my facebook and what’s friends loves to read them,please help me to reach other people who needs to know and understand about life,i have the massage and i have the life to give is my phone numbers 0791417114 am also on whatsapp,will be waiting to hear from you thank you,and here is part one of my story.

    PART 1.1 Jozi maboneng

    Tsidi took her first bus to joburg, she was only18 years old, she grew up in a village called mhlanga with her little sister,their parents died in a car accident long time ago while tsidi was still 8 years old, she used to stay with her neighbours, they didn’t take good care of her as she thought they would, tsidi dropped out of school in standard seven to go look for a job so that she will be able to support her little sister and live a better life. As soon as she arrived in joburg, she was just standing infront of park station trying to figure out were she can go to, she was so amazed seeing beautiful buildings she has never seen before, two boys were walking towards her and asked if they could help her carry the bags to were she was going, luckily tsidi knew how dangerous joburg can be and she refused, as she proceed to look at the beautiful buildings and big buses for the first time, a man named sipho stopped right there at the exact spot where tsidi was standing,(the story lost touch here) as tsidi was about to go find a safe place to spend the night, sipho said “hi, am sorry my name is sipho i was asking for time my phone went off” (he quickly took out his phone from his pocket to show her) tsidi replied and said “am sorry brother I don’t have any watch nor phone, it’s just me and my bags” sipho then started to ask questions like if she was lost or got hijacked or something, tsidi just became sad and a tear drop fell from her left eye, sipho thought he had said something wrong that could have made her cry. Tsidi started to open up and tell sipho that she wasn’t lost and she didn’t knew were she was going, just after 1hour and 30 minutes of telling sipho everything, sipho asked her to come with him to his place since he was renting 1bedroom,1bathing room 1kitchen and 1living room,(can be summarised as a bachelor flat) he promised her safety, tsidi agreed and got into his car and drove off to nandos to buy lunch for both of them, she ate as much as she possibly could since it had been long without eating good food. Sipho was a well built gentleman, he was studying at wits, (the following sentence loses touch). On the other hand,all that Tsidi wanted was shelter, after eating they left heading to siphos house, when they arrive there tsidi was so happy to see siphos house, they got in and she was amazed to see beautiful living room and kitchen, she was realy flattered, sipho showed her a shower were she can freshen up, but she wasn’t up for taking a shower at a stranger’s house, sipho said he’ll be going to shop to buy something, as soon as he got out to the nearby shop, tsidi jumped into the shower and cleaned up fast, after 8 minutes sipho got back to the house and tsidi was just standing there in a towel, sipho stood there for about 10 seconds, after that he said he was sorry for not showing her were the bedroom was for her to change. After two hours sipho decided to go out with her to buy dinner at a drive thru nearby, that’s when tsidi started to become more comfortable with sipho around him. Sipho asked her what she would love to eat, she replied and said she would have anything sipho was having, after 4minutes they drove back to the house, as soon as he parks his car in the yard sipho’s girl friend (mandy) drove inside the yard too, she was so shocked after getting a tip from her friends about his boy friend with another girl, mandy just sat there inside her car looking at tsidi holding nandos take aways, the moment sipho was walking towards mandy’s car, just closed her car window and drove away, sipho tried to phone her but she wasn’t taking his calls, he sent her a massage that it wasn’t what she thought it was, after an hour Mandy sent sipho a very long text massage telling him how much she trusted him and how hurt she was, at the end of the massege she wrote “anyway good luck with her and it’s over never call me again” while tsidi was buzy preparing dinner for the both of them

  22. Hi . I am a young man who is a brilliant actor. I am also multi lingual and outgoing. Please let me join your team and entertain mzanzi. My number is 0826427391.

  23. Hey my name is Tshepo I am 15 year old boy from Sehlakwane doing grade 9 , I would like to be a broadcast journalist, I  would research and present news stories for factual programmes for television, radio. I simply want to be a symbol of news and current affairs through national dialogue . I’m interested in hosting television shows and news anchoring as well as radio broadcasting I’m a very energetic boy that has vibe who is looking for an opportunity to grap with both hands and use it I’m looking forward to work in those categories that I’ve mentioned. My passion for history and debating in high school prompted  myself to suggest a career in broadcast journalism,media studies and BA in communications. I derive strength from the Lord. I do not even attempt to go through life’s blessings as well challenges without inviting Him because I believe He orchestrates everything that happens in my life. I would like to encourage people to have faith in all they do. I have already started to write my script for the programme I want to present Sunday live on SABC1 with that said you can engage with me on Facebook I am Tshepo Mojaki. Thanks

  24. Hi am mmakwena ramotebele am 19years old boy from makobe village (limpopo).am studying financial management n5 at kempton park now
    so am interested in limpopo tv and I want to do my own tv programme at limpopo tv so I want to know which procedures should I follow I want to own my own tv programme and I also interested in hip hop and I want to make my own hip hop songs and open my own studio
    my contact number 0763161263


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