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marriedAgain_finalZee World – Weekly Summary

Saloni Weekly Summary Ep 25 -29

Rewa is shocked to hear of Neil’s confusion and he goes to extra lengths to protect Saloni.  Saloni’s honeymoon is cut short by an unexpected turn of events. This causes a rift between the families. Narpat fights to protect Saloni’s honour has the situation takes a turn for the worst. Kaveri is in hot water and looking for ways out. Narpat’s bills are piling up as he struggles to make ends meet.

Married Again Weekly Summary Ep 25 – 29

Bhavani has Gaytari eating from out of her hand and she doesn’t even realise it. Ansh goes missing from school. Yash tries to rescue Ansh but he is hurt in the process. Gayatri blames Aarti and Ansh. She wants to wipe them both from Yash’s life and feels they are a bad omen. Yash and Aarti’s non-existing love relationship is being tested, will their marriage survive this bump?

Laali Summary Ep 25 – 29

Loha has other twisted plans up his sleeves as punishment for Shekar. Shekar’s creates a spectacle at the mansion but Loha pays no attention. Laali stands up against Loha while Rekha struggles to deal with her fixed marriage. Loha threatens to hurt Rekha if Laali does not obey his orders. Laali tries to take the fall to save Shekhar.

The Promise Weekly Summary Ep 25 – 29

Jai’s aunt wants Pushkar to come over for dinner with his new wife. How will Jai take this? Jai finds out that his new business venter is with a company Phuskar works for. Roshni meets Bani for the first time.  Jygyasa is at her old tricks again trying to create a rift between Bani and Jai. Jai’s past comes crawling back into his life.


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