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Zee World DStv channel logoEternal Love Ep 24-28

Sahiba’s family look forward to her marriage to Ranveer while Manmeet has to make huge sacrifices for the ceremony. Ranveer loses his temper that lead to a tragic outcome. Daljeet is arrested. Sahiba goes to Ranveer for help, he offers it at the cost of her happiness. Jazz hands over her father’s business to Ranveer.  Sahiba denies the truth about her true love and Daljeet wants to travel back to India.

Destiny Ep 28-32

Yuvraj brings Kajri to the Garodia house and introduces her as a princess. A policeman investigates the truth behind their relationship. Bhavishya visits the red cottage every night and Saraswati is hot on his heels. Menka dreams of Kajri becoming her daughter-in-law. Menka tries to convince Lakshmi to elope.

Breaking Free Ep 16-20

Sugni’s first day working at the mansion. Adi learns the Bedia that ran away with his father is back in the village of Mawari. The divide between the Bedia and their landlords is real for Sugni and Vikram. Gulabi has exactly what Adi was searching for or does she? Vikram puts Gulabi’s doubts at ease about his intentions with Sugni. Gulabi’s excitement over Landlord Vikram is short lived. Dhanu will do anything to destroy Vikram.

Married Again Ep 90-94

One problem has been solved but another has risen. Ansh is kidnapped. Yash’s suspicions about the kidnapper are proven wrong. Aarti and Yash have been given an ultimatum by the kidnapper. What will they do? Yash puts a plan together, one that would definitely bring the kidnapper to light. Aarti and Yash search for the kidnappers. Mr Sindhia is accused of having a child out of his marriage. Aarti breaks into Radha’s house and is shocked at her findings.

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