CBS Action Africa January 2015 Highlights


NEW CBS LOGOs_ALL_2012This January on CBS Action, we introduce cult action hero, MacGyver. This award-winning series stars Richard Dean Anderson as the mild-mannered secret agent with a never-ending supply of ingenious weapons. Elsewhere, from the end of the month, two brand new seasons of The District and Walker Texas Ranger and a selection of adrenaline-fuelled, action-packed movies including Hijack, Inferno, Freedom Strike and Shootfighter.


MacGyver (1985) Season 1

Weekdays 17:40 and 11:50. Omnibus Saturdays 07:40


MacGyver is a cult hero and role model who applies his scientific knowledge to ordinary items to create, for himself and others, a means of escape from impending doom.

Angus MacGyver is a secret agent with a difference. He is quiet, mild mannered, deeply principled and refuses to carry a gun on his missions. Fortunately, the last detail is unimportant when compared to his astounding mind because his mind is the ultimate weapon. Drawing on a vast practical knowledge of science, MacGyver is able to make gadgets out of every day objects to create unorthodox solutions to any problem he faces. He is unlike secret agents in other television series and films because, instead of relying on high-tech weapons and tools, he only carries a pocket knife and duct tape. His enemies range from militant drug lords and dictators to racist store owners. For him, saving the day is all in a day’s work. MacGyver is an enigmatic loner who often finds himself working for an organization called the Phoenix Foundation. No matter what he’s up against, MacGyver can always defeat his foes with his cunning and his skill.



The District (2004) Season 4

Weekdays 19:20 and 09:20. Omnibus Saturdays 13:30


The District, a gritty crime drama inspired by the real-life experiences of former New York Deputy Police Commissioner, Jack Maple, continues with season four.


Mayor of Washington, D.C. Mannion (Craig T. Nelson) is a tenacious champion of the underdog and an avowed crime fighter whose revolutionary tactics resulted in a 50% drop in crime in Boston and in Newark, N.J. When the mayor of Washington, D.C., Ethan Baker (John Amos), needs to hire a new police chief, his young deputy mayor, Mary Ann Mitchell (Jayne Brook) champions Mannion for the job, hoping the outsider can clean up the streets of her home town.


Season 4 sees Mannion return to Washington D.C. with his sights set on getting his job back, and the team must find Noland’s niece when an internet predator lures her away from home.



Walker, Texas Ranger (1996) Season 4

Weekdays 20:10 and 12:40. Omnibus Sundays 19:20


Texas Ranger, Cordell Walker, one of the last old-fashioned heroes in the West, is a protective friend but a relentless foe who will stop at nothing to bring a criminal to justice.


Starring the legendary Chuck Norris, this high-kicking adventure series features Walker, a man of few words and many swift moves. Walker’s crimefighting techniques are routed in the rugged traditions of the Old West. His partner Jimmy Trivette (Clarence Gilyard – Die Hard, Top Gun, Matlock) is a slick ex-football star with a cutting edge intellect and a pop-psychology approach to criminology.


Together this mismatched pair is trying to wrest control of the American Southwest from the criminal elements living there. In the process, the conflict between these two Lone Star lawmen makes them one of the most entertaining law enforcement teams ever assembled for television.


Season 4 sees Walker reconstruct an eight-year-old crime to solve the mystery behind a young boy’s death, a formidable foe brings out the best of Walker’s karate skills, and the world’s deadliest assassin must be stopped before he reaches his next victim…



Hijack (1999)

21:00 Monday 5th, and Saturday 10th at 23:35


When a prestigious Senator boards a train at Union Station, he is expecting an uneventful trip. His trip is interrupted when a militia group hijacks the train, taking him and several other passengers as hostages, while planting a nuclear bomb on board. A gallant ATF Agent, also a passenger on the train, is the one man who just may be capable of both freeing the hostages and defusing the bomb before time runs out. Stars Jeff Fahey , Ernie Hudson. Directed by Worth Keeter.



Inferno (1998)

21:00 Tuesday 6th, and Sunday 11th at 23:35


An ex-Interpol officer, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, now DEA Agent tracks the man who killed his former partner to India, where he finds himself on a one-man mission to clean up the criminal underworld. There he is forced to use his Interpol police training to deal with the most ancient customs in the underbelly of foreign culture. Stars ‘Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Evan Lurie. Directed by Fred Olen Ray.



Freedom Strike (1998)

21:00 Tuesday 12th, and Saturday 17th at 23:35


When an anticipated signing of a peace treaty between the United States and Syria is thwarted, the renegade head of the Syrian Army retaliates by stealing a nuclear weapon that only the Freedom Strike team can stop. Stars Michael Dudikoff, Tone Loc. Directed by Jerry Jacobs.



Shootfighter (1993)

23:35 Saturday 31st


Shingo is the world’s Shootfighter champion of a skilled and deadly combat sport where only one man leaves the ring alive. Nick and Ruben are two of Shingo’s prized students. But Shingo has his share of enemies, including the evil Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee hoodwinks Nick and Ruben into a Shootfighting competition before they are prepared for the challenge. Stars Bolo Yeung, Maryam D’Abo. Directed by Patrick Allen II.