Celebrity MasterChef SA – Double elimination!


masterchef-saDouble elimination on Celebrity Masterchef SA: a tearful farewell to Lorna Maseko and Merwelene van der Merwe 

In one of the most grueling challenges to date in the MasterChef SA kitchen, both Lorna Maseko and Merwelene van der Merwe were asked to hang up their aprons last night, after an epic two-day baking challenge. Because baking is such a precise science, it was the one challenge that most of the celebrities had been dreading, with Terence Bridgett describing it as his “biggest fear”.

The Top 6 celebrities arrived in the MasterChef kitchen, awaiting their next challenge in high spirits, until the judges revealed that they would be baking – and not just any old cake. The celebrities would be baking and decorating a three tier set of cakes over two days, under the guidance of guest judge – the Queen of Tarts herself – Tina Bester. Day one would be allocated to baking their three-pound cakes, and day two would be dedicated to decorating all of the cakes so that they told a personal story about each celebrity. The winner of the baking challenge would win R25 000 for their charity, while the bottom two celebrities would be sent home, Pete explained to them.

From the get go, Lorna and Merwelene started running into problems. Unbeknownst to her, Lorna used ordinary cake flour in her cakes, instead of the self-raising flour that the recipe called for. This meant that her cakes would be way too dense and almost inedible. Merwelene, meanwhile, realised half way through that two of her already baked cakes were way too oily because she included coconut oil in the recipe in an attempt to add unique flavour. She promptly used her bell that she’d won in a previous challenge to ask Tina what to do. “I’d start again from scratch and stick to the recipe exactly this time,” Tina advised her. An emotional but determined Merwelene then scrambled to make up enough new batter for two more cakes and crossed her fingers that they’d both cook before time was up for the day.

After getting some rest, the celebrities returned to the kitchen the following day where they were given 90 minutes to ice and decorate their three cakes before presenting them to the judges. Lorna’s cake was named her “Spectacular Cake” and each tier represented a different part of her career in the entertainment industry. Patricia’s cake was a Marie Antoinette themed cake, and Tina and the judges were all thoroughly impressed by her efforts. Chris’s cakes represented his MasterChef Journey in the show, with each layer depicting various challenges and contestants in the series so far. Merwelene ran out of time when it came to decorating all of her cakes, but her theme was “Muted Tones”. Terence’s “Slick Square Cake” was the only set of cakes that were square and not round, but he impressed the judges with all of his wild flavours. Last up for tasting was Lerato with her Wonder Woman cake. Of the three cakes, two of them were slightly dry but the judges were still pleased with her efforts.

In the end, Merwelene’s coconut oil blunder cost her just as much as Lorna’s incorrect flour usage and both of them were asked to hang up their aprons. Patricia was the winner of the challenge, accumulating an extra R25 000 for her charity. Merwelene left the kitchen visibly humbled by her experience. She managed to raise R25 000 for her charity, Orange Babies, while Lorna, who also left the kitchen with her head held high, raised R5000 for her charity, the Rivers Foundation. For more information on how you can help Orange Babies, visit www.orangebabies.org, and to learn more about the initiatives at the Rivers Foundation, visit www.riverschruch.co.za.

In the next episode of Celebrity MasterChef SA, a much-loved MasterChef regular, Prue Leith, joins the celebrities in the kitchen for a tear-jerking episode all about comfort food and their respective charities. The winner of this challenge will have the opportunity to really spoil a caregiver from their chosen charity.

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