Celebrity MasterChef SA – So long, Sade!


Sade2In a surprising episode of Celebrity MasterChef SA tonight, television presenter Sade Giliberti became the fourth celebrity to hang up her apron, leaving six celebrities behind to fight it out for their charities.

Sade came into tonight’s invention challenge stronger than ever, after her crocodile dish last week received special praise from all of the judges. But it was black apron time again as Pete explained that the ingredients for tonight’s challenge would be revealed underneath seven different closhes containing seven different items. The celebs took turns to pick a closh, each of which revealed a variety of different ingredients – from vine leaves, to bacon, to parmesan cheese, to chocolate – which is what Sade picked. And then it was time to reveal the twist: each celebrity had to pair their hero ingredient with… lemons!

The worst dish of the day would result in an elimination from the kitchen, while the celebrity with the best dish of the day would receive a very valuable prize: the MasterChef bell. The recipient of the bell will be able to use it in any future challenge to ask the judges or guest chef for help during that challenge. With so much riding on this invention elimination, the celebrities got cooking.

Sade’s choice of chocolate took her back to when she went for a chocolate tempering reward a few weeks ago, and so she attempted to put those skills to use in her dish by making a chili chocolate ganache. She wanted to accompany the chocolate with a lemon sorbet, but unfortunately things started going wrong from the outset. Sade’s first batch of ganache was a flop, which meant that she was running out of time when it came to making a new batch, which then also didn’t work out. Moreover, her lemon sorbet didn’t contain enough sugar, so she was left with what she called a “lemon slush puppy!”

Dish of the day went to Merwelene, whose lemon marinated bacon dish was a hit with the judges. As such, she received the bell, which will undoubtedly give her an advantage in a future challenge. But for Sade, her MasterChef journey was over, as the judges felt that her dish just fell short.

A proud Sade left the kitchen with her head held high, as she managed to accrue an impressive R20 000 for her chosen charity, Feed SA. For more information on how you can help Feed SA, visit www.feedsa.co.za

In the next episode of Celebrity MasterChef SA, the celebs face one of the challenges that almost everyone has been dreading… baking! Guest chef in the show is Tina Bester – also known as the Queen of Tarts… Remember that Celebrity MasterChef SA will be pre-empted next week (Sunday, 29 March) by Miss South Africa. Episode 8 of Celebrity MasterChef will air on M-Net Channel 101 on Sunday, 05 April.

For more information, and to watch exclusive videos of Sade and the other MasterChef celebrities, visit www.mnet.tv.