Celebrity MasterChef: Tol A$$ Mo Eliminated!


mnetMo started off strong in the first and second episodes of the popular cooking competition. He won dish of the day in the first “Childhood Memory” Mystery Box challenge, which in turn earned him a team captain position for last week’s pasta relay team challenge. Although Mo’s team – the Red team – were confident that they’d won the relay, it turned out that the Blue team’s pasta was the hero of the day, meaning that Mo and his four team mates were up for the first Pressure Test of the season.

Before the Pressure Test, the winning Blue teams were whisked off to beautiful Franschhoek for their reward at Hugenot Fine Chocolates for their chocolate MasterClass, where they learnt how to temper chocolate and decorate different types of chocolate too – a sweet treat for all!

Back in the MasterChef kitchen, the atmosphere was tense as Reuben announced that before the Pressure Test there would be a Taste Test, in which two of the five members of Mo’s team could save themselves from having to cook in the Pressure Test. “You know what they say – if you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen. For today’s challenge, if you can’t taste the heat you may well be leaving the kitchen,” Pete warned the celebrities, before revealing that the Taste Test involved identifying ingredients in a scrumptious-looking Chili Con Carne!

In the end, Chris Forrest, Tol A$$ Mo and Lorna Maseko all identified incorrect ingredients in the chili dish, meaning that Lerato Moloi and Patricia Lewis were saved from elimination. If the remaining contestants thought that the Taste Test was tricky, they were in for a huge surprise when Pete introduced them to their guest chef, whose dish they would be replicating.

As the judges welcomed Chef Carlos Gaytan to the floor, the reality that things just got serious quickly dawned on the celebrities. Chef Carlos is the owner and Head Chef of restaurant Mexique in Chicago – the only Mexican restaurant in the world, to date, that has been awarded a Michelin star, and the celebrities would be replicating his dish of Tuna Ceviche with guacamole, green pickled papaya, tortilla crisps and green apple foam. He explained that the yellow fin tuna had to be the star of the dish because it’s such an expensive and delicate ingredient.

“When I see this dish… eish, man, I don’t want to lie to you, I just feel that it’s extremely complicated. But I’ll try my best to make my own understanding of this dish,” Tol A$$ Mo remarked nervously. It turned out that it was this exact approach that got the better of him at the end of the day. After a gruelling 75 minutes, Mo’s dish was deemed the poorest, because he did not follow the recipe exactly, and got some crucial elements wrong as a result.

An emotional Mo left the kitchen with his head held high, as he managed to accrue an impressive R25 000 for his chosen charity, The Children of Fire in Melville, Johannesburg. For more information on how you can help the Children of Fire, visit www.childrenoffire.org.

Next week in Celebrity MasterChef SA, the celebrities are back in the kitchen, but their hearts sink when they see black aprons on their stations. With one more person going home next week, there is no room for error. Guest chef is Martinus Ferreira, Head Chef of famed Jozi restaurant DW-11-13!

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