Chiedza Mhende who portray Wandile on Generations is a woman


Beleive it or Not! Chiedza “Chi” Mhende who portrayed the role of Wandile on Generations. Wandile is Zola’s son on SABC1 soapie opera Generations: The Legacy is not a man as her character but a woman.

Sorry ladies, the handsome guy, Wandile on the soapie in real life is a Woman.  Chi Mhende also has a boyfriend who is also an actor, Andile Nebulale best known as Sandile on the Cape Town movie, ‘Love the One You Love’.

The Zimbabwean born actress and voice artist moved to Cape Town in 2006 to further her studies at the AFDA. She was introduced to Cape Town’s theater scene as Lady Capulet in a 2010 Artscape production of “Romeo and Juliet” and from then she never looked back, she played in number of theatre productions which includes A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Titania and many more.

Chi Mhende appeared in various movies and television which include Evil in Our Midst, The Tunnel, Stokvel 6, Mad Dogs 3, and Love the One You Love.

She was nominated as Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Young Actor and she is also the voice of “Siyaya” in Al Jazeera’s global health series “Lifelines”.

FYI: Chi’s full names is Charlene Chiedza Kudzai Mhende.

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  1. Comment: why choosing 2 be a man while she/he is a woman? Plz lets us pleases our creatorin whatever we’re doing. Lets appreciate the way God created us.

  2. chiedza .ndiwe waita kuti ndionewo generation. uri kuita zvakanaka sha.ramba uchiita zvauri kuita izvozvo.isu ma zimba tiri kuku supporter .and tinokuda .ndanyora ne shona kut vamwe avo vasanzwe .lol .but chokwadi uri we love what I are doing on generations keep it up.zvauri kuita hazvisat zvamboitwa ne vakawanda ku actor se muface apa uri chimoko. hauite hauite hauite

  3. I lyk u gal i was starting to feel for because i was thinking dat u a a man but even though u are a gal i love yr style shem

  4. What’s more interesting is that you looks beautiful for both gender,the thing is you are so unbelivable what can we say ‘God is a good creator’.You are beautiful,handsome,gorgeous,pretty,glamourous and to all i can say you are worth your while!!S.H.O.C.K.E.D

  5. Pity for those who thought they can have “handsome wandi” at their curve…Wandi is a beautiful and talented lady and um very proud of her…keep it up chiedza and shine!!!

  6. just like Tyler Perry,u are cute, keep it up. US is here in SA. Some other times u must cast ,being 5 person in one movie��

  7. just like Tyler Perry,u are cute, keep it up. US is here in SA. Some other times u must cast ,being 5 person in one movie��

  8. I knew from da first day I SSW u n no one blved me even noe they still don’t blv.I remember my sister saying”u mad wandile is da cutest guy ever in da history of generations, I wish I cud just kiss him”

  9. Oh! oh!oh! tell me that am not dreaming but am really really shocked apparently I thought that he/she was gay…BUT we all know the truth which is she/he is a woman .

  10. A very inspirational actress. She really has the guts to do what she’s currently doing in generations. Halala dearie. She really makes me want to change my HR course to dramatic arts. Hope to meet her in person just to be inspired even more about all the aspects of life. Thanks a lot Chi for inspiring me like that.

  11. I’m so disappointed ’cause I was having crush on him because he is handsome the way he act in generations,ijoh it is really unbelievable “wandile zola ‘s son she is a women really.

  12. Ahhh Wandile….ke well nna i alredy knew it hore ke she..buh ha auti entle jwalo..mxm

    well done Girl u are the best actress ever..lool or shud I say actor??I rly dnt knw atjhe..!!

  13. I love her so much,she’s good at wht she does,chiedza u rock keep it up nana,sinoxolo soqinasa @ knysna lots of love

  14. Wow wow I couldn’t believed it at first but now I do,…u rock, talented, lovely girl big up………………..MEGA LOVE

  15. girl you rock you represent us zimbabweans we are talented and we are grateful for southafrica for the opportunity to show case our talent as our country failed….im happy for you….love you lots

  16. If thats the case she is a very good actor. She plays the character very well and its unbelivable that she is a woman.she needs to carry on entertaining people.She is beautifull as a lady equally handsome as a guy.

  17. ncooooo!!!!! thank you my child for showing them even if they have features of onother gender they must stick to theirs everything goes with their minds.

  18. Wow!Damn….I thought she was a lesbian in real life.So ey I like lesbians and I had a crush on her ??…But anyway its cool

  19. how cn u fool people like dat making ?s believe dat wandi was a guy knowing very well dat he is not do u hv any idea hw many people have fallen for him/her #generation suc?x

  20. Its karabo Salome Mabote from mosesetjane Ga-kgobudi, i say i like the way u rock ur part keep making things happen Wandi Lollll!!!

  21. Wandile is a good guy or can I
    say woman. Even though girls have fallen in love with him just face the facts that she is a girl

  22. hallo chi

    we are a new and fresh entertainment company in the northern cape, who is busy with a exciting event called Douglas got Talent competition and we would really like it if we can have you onboard for our finales..The prtoject starts on the 16/04/2016 and ends on the 28/05/16.Four small towns will be included,so we just want to know if you will be available for the 28/05 and what your booking fee will be

  23. Hayi you are gifted GIRL but still unbelievable. Your voice, your moves/ gestures are those of a guy.
    KEEP IT UP!!!

  24. Unbelievable if I did not read this article I still conceive her a men but she was beautiful wearing women’s clothes

  25. Oh my God I still don’t believe it that you are a women although I read this article but you looking good of being a men

  26. Oh my God I still don’t believe it that you are a women although I read this article but you looking good of being a men keep it up girl you are amazing.

  27. every time I watch her I forgot to listen at wht hes saying coz i will say see this guy is a lady at home thy must be tired about the same story m telling everytime she appears, i feel bad o just realized now nooo maan i must listen to her oh God hes handsome i saw her pic out of generation oh wow shes damn beautiful ??????

  28. eish, my mind still can’t accept this, it’s gonna take a lifetime for me to get my brains to function normal after this, they really messed up our brains.

  29. Chii I used to deny my Nationality u know. But ever since u showed ur face on Generations I proud of being a Zimbabwean. U just changed me girl. N ur beauty is xtra ordinary. Calling u beautiful is an understatement. U r more than that,I think Angelic will suite


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