Clement Maosa as Kwaito on Skeem Saam


kwaitoClement Maosa who plays the role of Kwaito in Skeem Saam is from Polokwane, Limpopo.  He attended school in a village called Ga-Rammutla, after matric he completed his law degree at the University of Limpopo.

When Clement was little he wanted to be a soldier, when he reached high school he decided he would be an actor, he says “I was very naughty, always involved in every activity at school but also intelligent, always one of the top five in class, in matric I received awards for best student in various subjects.”

He grew up in Bochum with his mom, dad, two sisters and a younger brother.  “We were a happy family, the type everyone could admire but both my parents passed away.  Our home was full of love, my mom and dad were strict but they shaped me into who I am today for that I’m thankful.”

Clement’s career highlights include the month he served his articles as a candidate attorney, some road shows and promotions with a commercial radio station in Limpopo and when he was registered as a model with Rezo-Lution and Media Management.

He believes his involvement with Skeem Saam is his big break.  “I saw a notification on facebook from Mzansi fo sho about the auditions.  I travelled from Limpopo to audition and fortunately I got the role.  Kwaito is a smart teenager who is passionate about poetry, he likes reading and writing.  He was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth and tries by all means to impress his mother because she loves him so much.  Kwaito is bitter about not having a father by his side like his friend Tbose.”

“Skeem Saam is for all South Africans especially the youth.  The educational message reminds people that the little things we do for pleasure can land us in big trouble.  Some pleasures can end dreams; the youth should pay attention to the words of their parents.”

Clement is an impatient person and is scared of snakes.  He gets angry at people who undermine others and those who allow intimidation and don’t stand up for themselves.  His favourite movie is Sarafina, he says “every time I watch it I remember what apartheid was and what freedom is, it’s a reminder how difficult it was to be a black South African during those days and I enjoy it because it’s musical.”

Hugh Masekela’s ‘Thanani’ is Clement’s most memorable song; during drama at high school the song was often played as their dance theme.  His favourite TV show among many is Sokhulu and Partners because it’s informative as far as justice in South Africa is concerned, Clement says “the story is well portrayed; I would love to be in that cast and explore my legal expertise as well.”

God is Clement’s inspiration because he does things that no man can do.  He reads the Bible often because it talks about everything from law to love.  In his spare time he usually goes to movies with friends but prefers spending time with his family.

Clement says he has no regrets in life “I always make sure to use every second wisely.” He knows that pain and joy are ‘for sure’ in life.  If granted a wish Clement says it would be “to spend one more day with my parents, I cry about the way they passed away and the fact that I will never see them again.”

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