Clementine Mosimane as Ruth Gumede on etv Gold Diggers


golddigger_ClemetineRuth grew up in Mpumalanga. Her father had two wives: one in Lesotho and Ruth’s mother in Mpumalanga. Ruth is their only child. Marrying Patrick was her dream come true, yet the dream easily turned into a nightmare when Patrick asked to take a second wife.

Ruth was reluctant at first, but finally gave in, only to find out later that Patrick already has a child with May before she officially became a second wife. So Ruth’s son, Ronald, was not Patrick’s first born, but the illegitimate Credo was. Out of anger Ruth chased away Patrick’s second wife with his son.

Ruth felt betrayed by Patrick, a wound that never healed properly. As the years passed she would forgive, but not forget and since then has seen May as a spiteful, vicious snake who could strike her anytime.

Ruth constantly acquires muthi to protect her from May’s evil intentions, she just can’t fold her arms and relax around this woman from the streets – as she refers to her. However with Ruth, caring comes naturally and her compassion becomes her weakness sometimes.

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