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On M-Net & M-Net HD [101], Sunday 5 April 2015, at 19:00

No Limbs No Limits

“I was born without limbs, but my motto in life is no limbs, no limit” – Joanne O’Riordan

18-year-old Joanne O’Riordan has neither arms nor legs. One of only seven people in the world to have been born with a condition called Total Amelia; this young woman’s awe-inspiring life has brought her international acclaim. Remarkable footage shows the challenges she has faced since birth and tells of the extent to which groundbreaking technology has replaced her missing limbs. Now, going one step further, she travels from her home in Ireland to the United Nations in New York to issue the ultimate challenge to top influential women in technology – one that will see her independence soar.

Producer: Steven O’Riordan