Cornet Mamabolo learns from Tbose


Skeem Saam Mama’s Baby or cheese boy, Thabo Maputla, seems to have taught Cornet Mamabolo more about life.

Taking to Instagram, Cornet, who plays Thabo, explained that his life changed when he met Tbose.

Although it was not a walk in the park to understand his character, however, Cornet said the role of Tbose has given him a lot to think about.

“Trying to understand him every time we meet on set gives me more reasons to think beyond artistry. Through him I found myself & I shaped my career. I’ve opened doors and changed lives. Through him I loved, cheated, cried, became a detective, became a teenager twice…I’ve studied QS!!! In short I lived many lives through the platform granted through him.

Hence I believe in growth. I mastered patience & putting in work. I learned to value process. “From Boys To Men”, read his status.