Criselda Dudumashe turns 47


Criselda Dudumashe is celebrating her 47 years old today. Happy Birthday.

She is a dynamic woman, mother, professional, inspirational and motivational speaker, professional counsellor, former nurse and medical underwriter and also headed an Employee Wellness Programme for the one of the parastatals.

She serves as Member of the Board of trustees at the South African National AIDS Counsel (SANEC). Strategic advisor for Khomanani, Government’s HIV and AIDS communication campaign, she is also a member of the board of directors for the Food Gardens Foundation.

Criselda had a courage to disclose her HIV Status to the public, something that many infected and affected people are still afraid to do.

She has been living positively and openly with HIV for over years. She has worked with different government departments as well as the corporate sector on implementing workplace programs nationally and internationally.

She strives to look good at all times as she believes that HIV has been given such a negative and fearful face, for most people being invisible is seen as the best way to cope with HIV infection.

She has and still is giving hope by educating simple ways of living a Positive Life with HIV by encouraging individuals to focus on personal revolution. To her this means looking after one’s Body, Mind and Soul and being responsible for our own actions and choices.

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