Days of Our Lives Teasers January 2015


days-of-our-lives-xl-04Days of Our Lives Teasers (Episodes) January 2015 – Coming up on Days of Our Lives (SABC 3) in January 2015:

EPISODE 11 738 / 151 – 01.01.2015

Sami tries to warn Madison about Brady but Madison tells her to back out of her personal business. Madison has a cryptic phone call with someone who demands she call them back in a timely fashion. Nicole and Kate get into it over Nicole living at the DiMera mansion. E.J. treats Nicole to a massage and pretends to be the masseuse and Nicole flirts with him. Kate overhears Brady telling Sami to stay out of his and Madison’s relationship and Kate continues to be oddly nice to Sami. Carrie and Rafe visit John and Marlena at the prison and find out about Stefano’s visit. John tells them he refuses to make any deal with the DiMera’s. When John has to return to his cell, Carrie and Rafe tell Marlena about Alice’s note.

02.01.2015 – NO DAYS

05.01.2015 – NO DAYS

06.01.2015 – NO DAYS

EPISODE 11 739 / 152 – 7.01.2015

Marlena is resistant to agree to Hope’s plan until Bo tells her that after the civil trial is over, John will be transferred to a new prison. Marlena suggests to Rafe that Will come live with her until things cool off with Will and Sami. Melanie helps Maggie pick out a gift for Daniel, a pair of cuff links with the medical symbol on them. Daniel continues to have tremors in his hands and is surprised when Lexie informs with he doesn’t have Myasthenia Gravis. Daniel tells Lexie he needs to be taken off the surgical rotation until they find out what is causing his tremors. Bo and Hope present their offer to Stefano. Stefano gives them a cryptic response.

EPISODE 11 740 / 153 – 8.01.2015

Kate offers Sami a job at Countess Wilhelmina with double the salary. Sami believes Kate has an ulterior motivate and refuses her offer. Bo and Hope tell Marlena, Carrie and Rafe that Stefano wouldn’t accept Alice’s note but they begin to realize his cryptic saying of “not being able to turn something on and off like a faucet” probably means more. They brainstorm various ideas and realize that if the internet and cell phone towers where down on the day the money was taken John would not have had anyway to access the funds. Madison and Brady talk about their parents more.

9.01.2015 – NO DAYS

EPISODE 11 741 / 154 – 12.01.2015

When Maggie finds out that Daniel took himself out of surgical rotation, she worries that he has MG. Daniel tells her and Victor that he and Melanie are both clear of MG and eventually has to tell them that he has been having tremors which is why he took himself out of surgery. Bo, Hope and Rafe track down internet usage records and reach a dead end. Rafe finally remembers that the political unrest would have been happening at the same time as a few of the dates John supposedly made transactions and the French government shut down the internet to prevent more violence. Rafe calls a friend at Interpol who eventually calls him back and tells him that the internet was definitely turned off during certain dates. Abby helps Austin set up a message board for his class and is jealous when Carrie shows up. Chad and Melanie continue to act awkward around each other.

EPISODE 11 742 / 155 – 13.01.2015

The residents of Salem celebrate Christmas. Abe reads the Christmas story and Doug dress up as Santa. Carrie presents the new evidence to the Judge and they await his ruling. Will insists that Marlena accompany him to Sami and Rafe’s vow renewal. Hope is still upset about Stefano bringing up her past with John in front of Bo. John surprised Marlena and everyone when he shows up at the Horton Town Square after being released. E.J. is shocked and realizes this will hurt his mayoral race. Lexie and Abe decide to put E.J.’s actions on the backburner for Christmas and visit the DiMera mansion with Theo.

14.01.2015 – NO DAYS

EPISODE 11 743 / 156 – 15.01.2015

Sami and Rafe enjoy a night alone after renewing their vows. Bo and Hope are goofing off in the town square when Hope spills some coffee and Bo slips on it. Hope is upset that they have broken the plaque for Tom and Alice and Bo discovers a key on the back of the plaque. Brady surprises Madison with a picture of her and her mother. Later, they head over to John and Marlena’s when they hear the good news about John being released. Madison receives another call from an unknown person telling them she can’t make it away right now. Marlena asks Will to move in with her and John.

16.01. 2015 – NO DAYS

EPISODE 11 744 / 157 – 19.01.2015

Melanie finds out Daniel is off the surgical rotation schedule by looking at the hospital schedule and confronts Daniel. Daniel admits that he has been having tremors in his hands and they are trying to figure out what is causing them. Abe hosts a press conference for John’s release. John tells the press he will be repaying all the money his investors were cheated out of out of his own pocket. E.J. can’t figure how Carrie and Rafe knew to look at theinternet outages to clear John.

EPISODE 11 745 / 158 – 20.01.2015

Sami decides to take Kate’s job offer and gives her notice to an upset Madison. Bo and Hope track down the plaque maker who tells them that Alice requested the key be put into the plaque. Marlena has to tell John the truth about Stefano’s role in his release from prison. Carrie and Rafe consider going into business together.

21.01.2015 – NO DAYS

EPISODE 11 746 / 159 – 22.01.2015

Kate actually shows concern for Daniel when he tells her about his tremors. When Austin shares a book about love and relationships with Chad, Melanie, Abby and Gabi he causes them to rethink their current situations. Melanie admits to Daniel that she has feelings for Chad. Will begins to confide in Marlena but before he can admit what is really going on he shuts down again. John confronts Stefano about his involvement in his release. Stefano offers John a gun and tells him to shoot him but John though tempted refuses.

EPISODE 11 747 / 160 – 23.01.2015

Sami tells Rafe that she quit her job with Madison to take a job with Kate he wonders why she didn’t discuss it with him first but doesn’t make a big deal out of it. Rafe tells Sami that he is thinking about going into business with Carrie as a lead investigator for a new law firm she is starting. Sami gets upset and Will calls her out for being selfish and a hypocrite. Abby and Chad mutually decide to break-up. Chad finds Melanie at the New Year Eve party and kisses her. Will tells Marlena that he caught Sami having sex with E.J.

EPISODE 11 748 / 161 – 26.01.2015

Madison and Brady argue over delaying the launch of the men’s line for Mad World. Abe and E.J. come to an agreement over taking questions for an upcoming debate. Nicole tells E.J. that she will get her hands on the questions before hand so E.J. can prepare. Jennifer tells Abe and Lexie that she thinks Nicole will play dirty by getting access to the questions early and plans to stop her. Kate demands that Sami tell her about Madison’s upcoming projects and Sami reluctantly agrees. Marlena encourages Will to talk to Sami and work on forgiving her. Will tries to take Marlena’s advice but catches Sami in a rush to get back to work and becomes angry again.

EPISODE 11 749 / 162 – 27.01.2015

Bo and Hope have a session with Marlena where they discuss Zach’s death, Ciara’s kidnapping and Bo’s relationship with Carly. Abby becomes upset when she catches Chad and Melanie together. Rafe and Carrie get their first case at their new firm. Will questions Sonny about coming out and the effects it had on his family.

28.01.2015 – NO DAYS

EPISODE 11 750 / 163 – 29.01.2015

Lexie gives Daniel the bad news that it appears he had a mini-stroke while sleeping and there is no way to cure the tremors long term. Maggie worries about how to reach out to help Daniel. Daniel runs into Jennifer at the square and shares the news with her. Jack catches Jennifer embracing Daniel. Quinn reveals to Chad that he is interested in Melanie while Gabi reveals to Melanie that she would like to date Chad again. Brady offers to buy into Basic Black which John initially refuses.

EPISODE 11 751 / 164 – 30.01.2015

Stefano evades E.J. questions about how John got out of jail. Madison encourages Brady to put family first. Rafe tells Will to stop making snide comments about Sami and confront her if something is bothering him. When Sami returns home, Will gets annoyed with her and leaves, heading to Marlena’s to talk. Will ends up at E.J.’s and tells him he knows what E.J. did.


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