Days of Our Lives Teasers July 2016 Episodes


Days of Our Lives Teasers July 2016 Episodes – Upcoming ‘SABC3’s soapie opera ‘Days of Our Lives’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for July 2016.

So, what will happen this July on “Days of Our Lives ”?

Friday, 01 July 2016
Episode 247 (12094)

Kristen accuses Marlena of fabricating the picture. Maxine learns that Gabi’s baby has gone missing. Grace and Will meet Arianna for the first time. Sami tells Will that Sonny delivered his baby while on Smith Island. Maggie consoles Nick after realising what Jensen did to him. Kristen is devastated when Brady dumps her.

Monday, 04 July 2016
Episode 248 (12095)

Gabi is shocked when Nick admits that Jensen raped him. Kristen and Marlena have a showdown, and brings up that John came to seduce her at her hotel room. Hope interrupts Brady to seek information regarding Kristen and Sy. Nicole is stunned when Eric questions her about her feelings toward him. Nick insists that Will’s name be placed on the birth certificate. John tells Marlena that they can finally put their lives back to normal. Nicole comes across a distraught Brady who tells her that his wedding with Kristen is off.

Tuesday, 05 July 2016
Episode 249 (12096)

John tells Victor that things didn’t end the way he intended. Daniel keeps his theory of J.J. E.J. learns that the police brought Kristen into the station. Hope delivers bad news to Marlena. J.J. manipulates Jennifer to get what he wants. Kristen is rallied behind her family proclaiming her innocence. Hope apologises to Ciara for not being there for her. J.J. and Rory are determined to do some more damage to Daniel’s car.

Wednesday, 06 July 2016
Episode 250 (12097)

Kristen tries to win back Brady’s affections. Ricardo informs Stefano of Kate’s arrival at the hospital. Cameron quickly corrects what Stefano had done to Rafe’s life support. Hope tells Sami that she will take the blame for what Ciara has done. Kate accuses Sami and E.J. of stealing Mad World’s secret formula.

Thursday, 07 July 2016
Episode 251 (12098)

Abigail assures Cameron that she is not going on a date with Chad. E.J. is displeased when he overhears Sami and Kate argue about Rafe. Stefano quickly hides the folding knife when Chad arrives. Gabi tells Will that she is beginning to have doubts about her marriage to Nick. Cameron tells Sami that they hope to bring Rafe out of the coma. E.J. overhears Kate talking with Sami about being jealous of her and Rafe. Jennifer learns from Maggie that J.J. was in the vicinity of Daniel’s car.

Friday, 08 July 2016
Episode 252 (12099)

Stefano instructs Bernardi to do something horrific to Rafe. E.J. tries to determine just how deeply Sami still cares for Rafe. J.J. tells Abigail that he needs money and offers to watch Parker instead. Gabi and Nick discuss their future. Kate tries to smooth things over with Stefano. Adrienne and Sonny spend time with Arianna. Daniel threatens J.J.

Monday, 11 July 2016
Episode 253 (12100)

Kristen has a tense encounter with Sami after leaving a message for Brady. Nicole insists on taking Brady for a night on the town. Daniel angrily tears into J.J. Bernardi is interrupted when Gabi arrives to visit Rafe. Jennifer asks Daniel if he thinks J.J. is sorry for not watching Parker. Eric refuses to hear Kristen’s confession. Kristen gives Nicole a piece of her mind. John’s confession shocks Marlena.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016
Episode 254 (12101)

Stefano waits for confirmation from Bernardi. Kate and Gabi hear a shot and learn it came from Rafe’s room. Abe tells Hope what she knows about Jensen’s death. Marlena tells John where she stands regarding their relationship. E.J. tells a frantic Sami to give him the gun. Stefano is livid after getting word that the plan went horribly wrong. Brady stops the fight between Nicole and Kristen. Kate confronts Stefano warning him to come after her. Abe breaks the news to Sami that the person she shot was a police officer.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016
Episode 255 (12102)

Sami tells E.J. that Stefano put a hit out on Rafe. Kayla informs Marge that her husband is still in surgery. Kate informs Will that Sami shot a cop who attempted hurting Rafe. Kristen vows revenge on Marlena. Sami finds out that the person she’s been comforting is Bernardi’s wife, and learns of his death.

Thursday, 14 July 2016
Episode 256 (12103)

Will learns that Sonny has invited Gabi and Arianna to live with them. Jennifer confronts J.J. about vandalising Daniel’s car. Kate tells Marlena about Sami’s current predicament. Daniel and Jennifer have a huge disagreement about J.J. Hope places Sami under arrest for the murder of Bernardi after the search for the weapon came up cold.

Friday, 15 July 2016
Episode 257 (12104)

Everyone reads the newspaper headline learning of the shooting at the hospital. Anne sends Flynn a reporter to ask a few personal questions for Jennifer. Daniel receives a visit from J.J. Brady has a brief fantasy about Kristen. Cameron tells Abigail he’s certain that Chad has his own personal agenda. Stefano quietly slips out of town after learning what happened. Nicole and Eric get into a fight about Sami. J.J. overhears some valuable information from Cameron that he can use to his advantage. Kristen meets with a mysterious man.

Monday, 18 July 2016
Episode 258 (12105)

Adrienne is not too pleased to hear that Sonny invited Gabi and the baby to stay with him and Will. Sami is attacked by a mysterious assailant while in her jail cell. Nicole and Brady give into passion and make love. Marlena confronts Adrienne. Dr. Chyka gives Kristen two doses of a formula and assures her that it can’t get traced back to her. Adrienne is against the idea of Justin taking Sami’s case, but Sonny pleads with him to help her.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016
Episode 259 (12106)

Abe informs Roman that he has been relieved of his duties, and that he will be temporarily taking over. Brady tries to distract Eric. Marlena hypnotizes Sami. E.J. asks Chad and Abigail to keep quiet about Sami’s video.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016
Episode 260 (12107)

Justin and Adrienne argue over his decision to represent Sami. E.J. persuades Chad to keep Abigail from talking to anyone. E.J. and Justin prepare Sami for her bail hearing. Adrienne asks Will to break things off with Sonny. Kristen disguises herself and checks into the same hotel as Eric. J.J. shows Rory the money he stole.

Days of Our Lives is on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 17h00.


  1. I have been watching days of our lives for the passed 25 years or more…I feel like part of me has died with the sad news sabc has taken not to aire it after the 20 th July 2016.. this has made me very very sad and I really hope ETV or DSTV buy the series and we will never have to tune in to sabc ever again. I think what the coo is doing is crazy !!!!

  2. I am so upset about the series coming to a end. Now we will never know whatever gone happen to Sammy. And the rest of the crew. So so sad was one of my favourite soapie to watch.

  3. So disappointed!!! And the Days of our lives fans in SA doesn’t even have a say!!! Just gone!!!! Sooo not fair!!! I’ve been watching the soapie as long as I can remember.

  4. I am so very, very disappointed that Days of our Lives is coming to an end today. This is definitely not a case of 90% local content has to be watched. Tune in from 20h00 and the evening’s entertainment is American. All old programmes which previously aired on M-Net. I am willing to bet that the SABC is bankrupt and cannot afford to buy the series any longer. Big mistake SABC – Huge mistake!!!!!

  5. My feeling is that SABC is trying to force everyone’s hand here.
    I do not mind if they have local movies but at least have something worthwhile watching.
    At the moment the types of shows they are going to show, caters for a specific market only and looking at what they want to put in place is not of good standards.
    Why do they not go back to like the old days when we had TV 1, 2, 3 and make something like that now.
    This they can make 10 Channels for the other languages, 1 for English and 1 for Afrikaans.
    And from what I am seeing all different cultures enjoyed Days of Our Lives.
    So I would urge other TV Station Suppliers to look at supplying us Days of Our Lives and other decent movies to watch and let SABC carry on with their own issues.
    I wonder what their reaction would be if everyone just decides to stop paying TV Licences.
    I would rather pay for what I watch (Want to Watch and not Forced to Watch).

    • I agree ! I no longer watch anything on SABC channels – so why do I need to pay them? Please Dstv or m-net get Days of our lives back for us then maybe we won’t have to watch so many repeats and
      movies that have been on SO many times.

  6. Where are we going to watch it now?

    This is ridiculous – DON’T WE PAY TV LICENCES but an autocratic decision was made to take away the Days – I have watched the show since it started.

    Local is lekker yes/maybe/no – but come on SABC, who is the madman behind this all.

    I don’t understand Zulu or other black african languages and don’t want to read story lines at the bottom of the tv. I don’t understand how come the radio stations are now 80% advertisements and local music that is not even my taste. IS THERE NOT ANYTHING BETTER TO CONCENTRATE ON?

  7. Also very sad Days was taken away from us. Does anyone know where we can download the soap from where we last watched it?

  8. I agree with all the above. Very sad and why do this to us ? The program in it’s place is rubbish and who wants to see it ? Extremely amateuristic.
    Please give us back Days

  9. SABC has decided to bring back Day of our Lives at 23h30 – come on!! – this is defeating the purpose because only a very few of us who want it back will tune in at that time. Afternoon Express is becoming a little boring and the chat show with Anele prior to this is too long – either have it run only for 30 mins or have 2 people being interviewed. Approximately 3 weeks ago the Sunday evening movie on SABC3 at 19h00 was CHINESE – yes, you read correctly – CHINESE. Come on SABC you must acknowledge you don’t stand a chance against USA or UK television – you are simply just not up to scratch. Way too incompetent and cannot compete – you don’t stand a chance. Just listen to the viewers please, before everyone stops paying their TV licences and you land up with mud on your face as well!!!


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