‘Days of our Lives’ Teasers (8-12 Jan 2018): Jordan shows up at Clyde’s hotel room – with a gun!  


DAYS OF OUR LIVES (etv) teasers and updates for the week of 8 January 2018 through; 12 January 2018 teases that Kristen is surprised when Brady admits he knows she was telling the truth about John and Theresa.  Delighted, she hopes this can be a fresh start for her and Brady.  Meanwhile, Marlena and Eric confront Theresa about her role in John’s injury.  She continues to deny, and Eric expresses his disappointment in her. Later, Theresa takes Anne to a secluded spot in the woods and makes a huge confession. Paige is rocked when she overhears Eve and Kayla arguing, and it comes out that it was Jack who raped Kayla.  Paige realizes this is why JJ has been acting so strange.  Feeling for him, she texts him, wanting to meet up. At the same time, JJ is at the kegger, enjoying a beer and getting hit on by some cute girls – which Bev documents with photos.

Pushed to the edge, Kristen makes ominous plans regarding Theresa. Meanwhile, Theresa confidently tells Anne nothing is going to stop her from being with Brady. Eve receives devastating news from Dr. Chung that she will never sing again. An angry Paige confronts JJ about his drinking and about the pictures with the girls from the party.  He tries to defend himself but Paige is skeptical.  JJ freaks and lays into Paige. Jordan talks to Marlena about a “patient” who is remembering disturbing things. Ben is optimistic his new apartment will go through and shares the exciting news with Abigail.

JJ commits a shocking act – and Paige comes close to discovering the truth. A livid Brady confronts Daniel about almost sleeping with Kristen. Nicole walks in as things get physical.  Meanwhile, Theresa is put in danger, thanks to Kristen. Jordan is with Clyde, pressing him to explain what he meant when he said she had “blood on her hands” apart from what happened to her mother. Clyde realizes she’s somehow repressing the memory but offers no clues to help her.   At Club TBD, Ben decks Chad after learning he was responsible for Ben getting turned down for an apartment.  Abigail arrives with Rafe, who breaks up the fight.

Paige has a stunning realization. Later, JJ is a guilty wreck when he gets a text from Paige, saying she was wrong about him and wishes to talk in the morning. Kristen calls Brady with a cryptic goodbye. She leaves Salem – but not before pulling off one last jaw-dropping stunt. Theresa has a horrific encounter. Nicole offers comforting words to Daniel, who’s upset about the situation with Brady and Kristen. Nicole manages to get through to him, and they inch back together as friends. Chad taunts Ben about his history with Abigail – but Ben knows he’s just trying to goad him into throwing another punch.

Jordan shows up at Clyde’s hotel room – with a gun!  She confronts him with an ugly accusation regarding their past. JJ confides in Abigail that he and Paige are having problems because he mishandled how she found out about their father’s rape of Kayla.  Paige comforts her mom about the surgery being cancelled, and the fact that she’ll never sing again. Victor tries to steal Kate from DiMera, but she’s happy working with Chad.
Daniel meets his new patient, Paul Narita (played by Christopher Sean) who has serious privacy concerns about his surgery since he’s a baseball star.

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